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"Those of us for whom the most extravagant promises of this land have become a reality are, I think, required to seek appropriate expressions of their gratitude." - Sol Linowitz

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Shadows and Tall Trees at Clermiston Tower.

Clermiston Tower, Corstorphine Hill Local Nature Reserve.

Clermiston Tower or the Scott Tower, is a dramatic memorial to Sir Walter Scott. Built in 1871 and situated at the highest point of Corstorphine Hill Park. This mature woodland site is a wild protected area. At 12:00pm I shall be seated within 25 metres of the Tower. At 12:10pm we will walk (on the main path) into the wooded area for about 10 minutes.

Drawing and Painting at the Botanics.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

"And summers lease hath all too short a date." W.S. Sonnet 18. At 12:00pm I shall be seated outside Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden, facing the city.

Study Grave-stones at the Historic Dean Cemetery.

Dean Cemetery

Visit the grave of John Bellany, Artist [masked]). There is no need to place flowers, you can leave a bottle of wine, because that is what John would have liked. There is access to Modern Art Two from the cemetery. At 12:00pm I shall be seated on the Central path-way of the cemetery.

Draw and study the Old Parish Church, Corstorphine.

Corstorphine Old Parish Church

Built in the 15th century, in the churchyard of a 12th century (or earlier) chapel. A historic sandstone church with an octangular spire. The church is located at the heart of the Corstorphine village. At 12:00pm I shall be seated close to the entrance to the church.

Past events (108)

Cramond and the Firth of Forth.

Cramond Island - at the beginning of the causeway by the information board.

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