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This is a group for anyone interested in football. It could be a 5-a-side game, a kick-about in the park or just watching a big game in a pub with a cold beer in your hand. Just RSPV to confirm you're coming to ensure numbers. In booked pitches there is an RSPV limit. If something comes up, you can always cancel your RSPV before the match so that others can take your place. But recurrent no-shows would serve a 2 match ban. Those are the rules, looking forward to some awesome games!

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7 a side Football on Wednesdays at Stewart Melville college 6:30pm

Needs a location


Hi Guys and Gals.

We're looking to add more players into our weekly game at Stewart Melville's college.

The game is organised on WhatsApp therefore please click the link below to join the group


You don't have to commit every week however like with any group if you say you can play we expect you to show up. Late cancellations or no shows are heavily frowned upon!

The standard is very casual with a range of players who play weekly to those who have not kicked a ball in months. All backgrounds welcomed and treated with respect.

The WhatsApp link is below so you can add yourself to the group or message me directly. Thanks



Wednesday Night 5-a-side at Corn Exchange WOF

Needs a location

*** All new players must message the host before their first event to confirm their attendance or they may have their spot given to somebody else. ***

*** The playing list can change on the day of the game so all players must check the webpage/app on the day of the game. ***

Wednesday night 5-a-side pitches at the beautiful World of Football 3G indoor pitches. Unlike Sunday Kick-abouts in the park we're limited to 12 footballers. And it's £5 each (peak time).

This is a rented pitch. You can cancel your RSVP but no shows would receive a 2 match ban :O And it would impact the rest of the footballers playing.

You can wear football boots with plastic studs and they work well. But big metal studs aren't allowed in. We play in pitch 6 now (Bernabeu).

Let's do this!

**** There is an automatic waiting list system. When you cancel your RSPV the next in the waiting list will fill your place automatically. HOWEVER IF YOU CANCEL YOUR RSPV ON THE SAME DAY AS THE GAME THE WAITLISTED FOOTBALLERS OFTEN WON'T FIND OUT IN TIME AND WE'LL BE SHORT OF PLAYERS****

Thursday Evening 5-a-side @ Corn Exchange WoF

Needs a location

Thursday evening 5-a-side at World of Football Corn Exchange

When: 5.30pm
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: £7 each
Pitch: The Maracanã

We're a friendly group of players, mostly intermediate, of various fitness levels but we're all there to have fun.

If you'd like to play then please DM me. If there's a space I'll let you know but if there's no space, you'll be a back up and I'll add you to our weekly email mailing list. Then you can use that to confirm.

Please make sure you've got appropriate footwear - trainers, astro football boots, etc. but no metal studs.


Monday night game

Needs a location

Hey everyone,

We are welcoming new members to our weekly 6 a side game on Mondays at 7:30pm.

The game is one hour long and location is Stewart Melville's college. Click the like to view the Location of game.

We are a very friendly group. The game is played on a competitive level however dont worry about your fitness level. That's one thing we all struggle with even though we've played for years haha

Click Here To Join Our Whatspp Group. That's where the game is really organised

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Monday night game

Needs a location

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