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Hello Mindfulness Explorers,

I have recently taken over this group in order to save it from becoming lost in cyberspace as I firmly believe mindfulness is a very important practice that everyone should be aware of. My particular avenue in this field involves mindfulness of dream and sleep states. Becoming aware while in these unique states of consciousness can then allow us to work on our thoughts and fears from within.

When we dream we are gaining a unique insight into the inner workings of our mind. Those negative thinking habits, fears and phobias - that make us view the world the way we do and make us act the way we do - they become manifest and appear as different aspects in our dream world. Learning to be mindful and aware within our dreams allows us to then interact with those thought manifestations and transform them from within. There are two ways this can be done. Firstly, learning techniques that program our mind to allow us to become aware within a normal dream and secondly, learning to become aware as we fall asleep to enter a "super lucid dream" (also known as astral projection or OBE). This type of mindfulness is often a by-product of practicing daily mindfulness - we find that when one starts to become more lucid in the real world that lucidity carries over into their dreams - and it works the other way also as the main techniques for inducing lucid dreams involve daytime mindfulness.

I am currently in contact with Live Mindfully Ltd (who set this group up) and I hope to work in collaboration with them or at least post their events or links to them in this group. I will also be hosting my own classes and posting them here. For more info please visit my Learn To Lucid Dream website. (http://learntoluciddream.co.uk/)

Please find below the original group introduction from Live Mindfully Ltd. Thank you.

>>>>The aim of this group is to explore the benefits of mindfulness practice. We will discuss what mindfulness is, the benefits of mindfulness, what to expect from mindfulness training and enjoy guided mindfulness meditations.

This group is organised by Live Mindfully Ltd (http://www.livemindfully.co.uk)and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from mindfulness, regardless of their circumstances. Our courses and workshops, which are suitable for both beginners and those more familiar with mindfulness, are delivered by experienced mindfulness teachers in Edinburgh (http://www.livemindfully.co.uk/mindfulness-courses-in-edinburgh/), the Scottish Borders (http://www.livemindfully.co.uk/mindfulness-courses-in-scottish-borders/) and online (http://www.livemindfully.co.uk/mindfulness-courses-online/).

In January 2016 we will also be delivering mindfulness courses in Glasgow.

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