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> If you'd like to become a patron member you can use the following link to set it up easily. Being a patron means you get first choice in 2 places I reserve for every game. This means you have higher chances of securing a place to play each week:

> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZC3SQ68BJCL9U

Want to play a game of pick up basketball on the weekend? If you're interested and live in Edinburgh, then get in touch.

We book and meet at indoors courts for a game of pick up basketball.

UPDATE (18/03/18) This group has now reached a skill playing level that is moderate to advanced for playing. This means that if your level is complete novice you'll probably not enjoy the game and most likely upset the balance of teams when we play. As such if you've not played in a few years and want to get back into it, then this is definitely the place for you. However if you've never played before it's probably not advisable to play with us. I would recommend you come by one of the games and observe a game to decide if you can play at this level. I'm adding this clause in order to maintain the quality of the game for the majority of the members. UPDATE

When the weather allows we'll meet in outdoors courts as well.

Once you've joined the group, you'll be added to our mail list. Feel free to ask questions and make change proposals there.

Group rules and regulations:

• Everyone is welcome to join, but it's best for all if you have basic understanding of the game and its rules. This a gender-neutral and age-neutral group. This is an adults group, but children are welcome to come with their guardians if they want to watch you play. ===UPDATE===> We will allow young persons over 16 to play with us, so long as their parent/legal guardian is present during the game. Please get in touch with the organiser for more information.===

• There is a fixed cost for each booking to make sure we have a game every week. There might also be a cost of entry for each attendant depending on the venue. This would be payable to the reception of the venue. We collect dues for the booking in advance, in order to make the booking/s in time. The preferred way of paying is PayPal. If the game doesn't happen you'll get a refund.

• In order to provide a quality game for everyone involved, there will be a limit in the number of people that can attend each event. For half-court bookings we'll have 2 teams of 4 people (8 total). With full-court bookings there are 2 scenarios. If we have a lot people that wish to play, we can have the same rules as with half-court but on both sides, ie. 16 people in total. If at some point enough people want to play a full-court game we can book specific events where only 10 people will be able to book attendance. The places are filled in a first come, first serve basis. If there is a cancellation you can claim the empty spot. If you cancel up to 1 day before the event you only get a refund if someone ends up covering your spot.

• By collecting funds via PayPal for the venue there might be a positive kitty develop. This will be used to buy some kit for the group, e.g. balls, pump, scrimmage bibs, etc. Beyond these any additional funds will be used for a court booking when it's sufficient. All money is to be spent for the good function of the group at the discretion of the organiser.

• The mail list is only to be used for matters around organising the basketball games. If anyone starts posting irrelevant information you'll be asked to stick to the purpose of this group. Should anyone choose not to comply, I reserve the right to remove them from the list and the group.

• We have some members being patrons of this club. This means that they offer to donate a fixed amount per month, as it stands it's £4, so that we're certain we can book ahead our games, and not pay the penalty of booking a game we don't end up getting enough people for.
The patrons have access to exclusive access to 2 places I reserve per week to book for themselves. This is to make sure that the people that continuously support the group get better chances of playing a game every week. If you are a patron, and the game is fully booked, get in touch with me to make sure you get one of the available reserved spots per week. I only reserve 2/16 per game and I release them to all the members 1 day before the game so that members can get a chance to book a game.

They people below make sure we have a game every week.

• Slim Gueddana

• Mihai Burghelea

• Yuri Shikuku

• Stergios Kritikos

• Ioannis Thanos Papakonstantinou

• Georgios Theologou

• Grigorios Papamanousakis

• Pavlos Vougioklis

• Giorgos Minadakis

• Liam Bugler

• and myself

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Basketball pick-up game

North Fort Street Park

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