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Geoff Holder : Zombies From History

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It's the night of the living dead... Zombie culture didn't start with George Romero. Join us for this special Halloween event as Geoff Holder regales us with medieval chroniclers' sworn-to-be-true tales of the plague-spreading undead, including the pugilistic zombie of Paisley and the zombie monk of the Scottish Borders; archeological evidence from graveyards of Anglo-Saxon and Romano-British fear of the walking dead; several 'Ladies with the Ring', all supposedly revived in the grave by jewel-stealing gravediggers; the men who were hanged and buried - and then revived; the Cumbrian Crusader whose corpse was still bleeding 800 years after his death; and the ancient bog body that accidentally solved a modern murder mystery.

Warning: contains corpses.

Geoff Holder has written 30 non-fiction books on the paranormal, the peculiar, the Gothic and the gruesome, from “The Jacobites and the Supernatural” and “101 Things to Do with a Stone Circle” to “Scottish Bodysnatchers” and nine titles in “The Guide to the Mysterious…” series, covering everywhere from the Lake District and Loch Ness to Glasgow and Aberdeen. Plus, there are books on hauntings, poltergeists, the paranormal, and bloody and quirky history.

Geoff once won a posh literary award by writing about H.P. Lovecraft, and his book “Zombies From History: A Hunter’s Guide” was published in September 2013. He manifests mysteriously at