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Edison Innovators + US Inventor = Patents Can Be Worth It!

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Every 2nd Thursday of the month

IMAG History & Science Center (formerly Imaginarium Science Center)

2000 Cranford Avenue · Fort Myers

How to find us --> also Facebook "Edison Innovators Association"

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Meet Randy Landreneau, a working warrior on behalf of inventors like you & me. He's spent a LOT of time talking to Senate & House Reps in DC explaining how things are for US (vs. what they here from corp lobbyists). His efforts are WORKING!! (details below)

Randy will give a brief update on his progress in DC and introduce his new bill to SWFL. It's written specifically for independent inventors to protect from being invalidated by large business interests.

Thursday will also cover:

- Why patents are important & are they worth it to a "little guy" like me?
- Brief history of patents before and after the 2012 “America Invents Act”
- PTAB – what it is & how it’s killing patents unfairly
- Victories by the "little guys" over "Big Corp" including HR 9 defeat
- How to KEEP your patent, EARN your royalties, & STOP copycats
- Intro of the Inventor Protection Act H.R. 6557 - a new bill going to Congress
- Update on the “US Inventor Act” and “Stronger Patents Act”
- What you can do to help (for free) & how to contact your FL &
Congressional representatives

Current President of US Inventor and founding president of the Independent Inventors of America, which Randy created to educate, inform and protect the independent inventor. The Founding Members are the heads of over 60 non-profit inventors groups nationwide. Randy is a past president of the Tampa Bay Inventors Society, and has personally spoken to nearly three hundred representatives in Washington and was key in defeating the ill-named Innovation Act H.R.9 (3309).


Welcome to SW FL’s connection for inventors, product innovators, and aspiring minds. We are here to help you protect and move your idea forward efficiently and safely by contacting experts, and beginners alike!

Join local experts in all areas of innovation as we cover various topics from cocktail napkin idea concept to product shelves and licensing deals!

As a non-profit, we kindly request a $10 donation for entry, $3 students of non-members. First time attendees are welcome for free! Thanks for your support.

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