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I know what you are thinking, 'Another business networking group.... yawn'. Except this is a different type of business group! Although networking is bound to happen, it is secondary to the main purpose of this group.

This group is for all those independent contractors, small business owners, entrepeneurs, etc. that want to build a network of friends or collaborators to exchange/trade of services. For example, maybe you are a mechanic that doesn't have insurance benefits and you hurt yourself, so you may get treatments from a massage therapist or chiropractor in exchange for some work on their car.
Or maybe you are a lawyer and need some dental work done, so you provide some sound legal advice or documentation for a root canal. Or maybe you are a small business owner that needs new glasses but dont' have the capital at the moment to spare for it, so you work something out with the optometrist and you provide whatever goods you sell at cost. The varies opportunities are endless!

I'm not sure how popular this will turn out to be but I do think this is a good way to connect with people and a different way of networking. I envision this to be more of friends helping each other out and with that, referrals will be common place. You already refer friends/family/clients to your current chiro, dentist, mechanic, small business, etc. So why wouldnt' you want to refer them to a friend that you also get treatment from? That builds trust and credibility from the get go!

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