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What we're about

The main purpose of the group is to network with other business people who are seeking to grow their businesses by locating new capital, exchanging business services/products through Joint Venture, or fundraising business ideas. Ultimately, we believe this will make a difference to all the start-up/growing businesses in the Edmonton Economy.

This is an extremely fun and interesting show because we are endeavoring to make it as much like a TV event as possible, while we are also building our honorable list of Angel Capitalists in the dragon seats as our review board. Meanwhile, we are constantly still reaching out for more potential lists of entrepreneurs/investors. So, if you would like to sit on the dragon board, please send me an email. And the same goes with those who want to make presentation for their next Big Ideas in Edmonton.

We are always in the process of continually getting sponsorships for giving perks to our members and here are some new activities in the event that would benefit everyone in the group in addition to our show:

1) Business Joint-Venture Experience

Each business-owner or professional can showcase their business products or services through a poster during the event, before and after the show. This is not meant for just selling your products or services, but a friendly environment that allows you to honestly share the main challenges that you are facing in your business where you need helps most. Should it be financial, technical, manpower, or strategic assistance from other group members to potentially turning your business-situation around or growing your business in a brand new direction?

2) Enrolling in our VIP list

For participants who attend each of our events most and are actively involved in the Joint-Venture showcase, will be granted with the privilege to be automatically matched and referred to our investors, pitchers and anyone (of course, with pre-approvals from our members) who share the same interest as you to potentially expand your business network.

3) Fundraising business ideas/products like KickStarter projects

Having an idea/product that requires continual support for development in order to become the next Big Thing in Edmonton? We have rooms for showcasing now to fundraise and to take your ideas/products to the next level. Meanwhile, all the supporters for this donation will receive some contracted perks with legitimate contacts and promised development from the project owners.

4) Using YouTube video channel before taking to Edmonton Global News

Maybe this is a chance to market yourself in public (of course, with your consent first). YouTube will be a platform for us to evaluate the quality of our show and hopefully we are able to bring it to Edmonton Global News later on, for which we indeed offer a place to grow the small businesses in Edmonton.

5) Spirit-driven Studio (next to Edmonton Global News) with space and a huge area outside for parking lot.

All in all, we are more than just a business networking or idea-sharing group, but we are striving for making a difference in your lives through the exchange of business ideas, products or services (the Joint-Venture experience). So come out to join us to meet with the awesome and interesting people in this group!

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Bellamy's Lounge at the Chateau Lacombe

Contdown till major event launch insider talk.

Bellamy's Lounge at the Chateau Lacombe

Let's meet new entrepreneurs and dragons

Bellamy's Lounge at the Chateau Lacombe

Let's meet again in Edmonton

Hotel Chateau Nova

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