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Edmonton Fun Volleyballer is just that, fun volleyball. We encourage and welcome all skill levels to join us for a couple of hours of enjoyable, non-competitive volleyball.



The cost is $7.00 per person per Saturday.

RSVP will open at 7pm, 2 weeks before the game date.

Ages 18 and over are welcome.

Ages 16 & 17 are also welcome with a parent or guardian to supervise and sign their waiver.

Under 16 is unfortunately not covered by our insurance at this time.

Note: There is only one court in this gym. If there are more than twelve players, we will rotate players in and out so everyone gets to play.

We have capped the Maximum number of players to 16.

Dress appropriately. All players MUST HAVE A CLEAN, NEVER BEEN WORN OUTSIDE, NON-MARKING PAIR OF SHOE to play in the games. This means that the shoes you wore to the gym must be changed. Please remove outdoor shoes before entering the gym.


1) There is no kicking of the ball.

2) The person closest to the line will call the ball in or out

3) We have a "Five Serve" rule in place. In order to allow everyone to get the maximum amount of time "On Court", after five serves the team serving will rotate thru positions allowing for the next team member to serve.

4) Other than that, regular volleyball rules apply. (Usually we can gbe fairly casual about this sort of thing, it's a fun game after all)

Attendance and Courtesy to the Other Players.


Poor sportsmanship, and or lack of encouragement and respect towards other players cannot, and will not be tolerated. This is an open group and we encourage anyone and everyone to come out and play. From first time players looking to learn, those looking for some exercise, or experienced players looking to play in a more relaxed environment. We strive to provide an open and encouraging environment for everyone.

Please be patient with new players!


Due to the team nature of the game of volleyball, it can be somewhat disruptive to the game should people arrive late and or leave early. We understand that there are always pressing matters to attend to other than a casual volleyball game, but we do ask that if you sign up to play for the 2 hours, that you do intend to play for the 2 hours. Players who turn up late and or leave early, may be asked to give up their spot to someone who is able to make the full two hour commitment.


Should you need to cancel, please give at least 48 Hours' notice. Mark yourself as "Not Going" in Meetup if you have previously indicated you are coming so that the spot becomes available for someone else. Marking yourself as "Attending" for a game and not showing up prevents others from attending. We understand that things happen, however those who habitually fail to attend when they have booked a spot (No-Shows), may find themselves unable to register for future games.


The hospital parking lot is paid parking only. There is limited parking on 105 street. There is also (2 hour zone) street parking on 102 Street from 112 avenue & up. And if that doesn't work for you, it is a short walk from Kingsway Mall. Pay attention to signage and fire hydrants. Do not park at McDonald's.


There is a water fountain at the Gym, one of the newer ones which can easily fill most water bottles. The drinking spout doesn't always work, so do make sure you bring a water bottle to fill!


Mark your property with your name and phone number.

We advise against bringing expensive items. Organizers accept no responsibility for your property. The organizers are under no requirement to pick up personal items that are left after a Meetup.


Activities this group are involved in can be risky. Every year people are hurt playing volleyball due to lack of stretching, uneven or slippery ground, people breaking the rules, improper or no shoes, etc. . Event organizers and leaders are regular people like you and I. We are not professional hosts, you are responsible for yourself. By signing up for an event you acknowledge that you are solely responsible for your own safety and will do the necessary research to understand the conditions of the event and the gear you require. Anyone choosing to play volleyball with our group should carry personal medical insurance and consult with their doctor about the advisability of playing volleyball. There have been ankle sprains and such over the years and there will be more. But whatever injuries that take place are the responsibility's of the players and not the organizers.


By participating in any event, outing or pickup game, organized or communicated through this site or not, you and your heirs agree to indemnify and hold harmless any and all participants, organizers, co-organizers, hosts any other person or persons affiliated with or attending any such group or event, including any party at cause or at fault or not, against any and all claims of damages or injury to property, body or health, including death, of any person, from any and all claims, demands, actions, suits, or proceedings of any kind or nature. By participation you and your heirs assume all risk of injury to your person and property that may be sustained in connection with any activity in and about any location or by any party affiliated with this meetup group, event sponsor, organizer, co-organizer, host or attendee. By your participation, you agree fully to these terms, fully understand its terms, conditions, and meaning. You further agree to practice and display good sportsmanship at all times.

Section [2.1] of our Terms of Service states that the Meetup platform is available to anyone who is at least 18 years old.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any suggestions contact one of the organizers.

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