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Breakthrough Energy on 9/11

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If you missed the August meeting, I'm doing the same presentation again next Thursday with invitations sent out to a number of groups across Edmonton. Cheers


Free and independent presentation, followed by group discussion (1 hr each)
of the landmark investigative work of Dr. Judy Wood...

Where Did the Towers Go?
Evidence of Directed, Free-Energy Technology on 9/11

Photo and video evidence will be presented by Adam Dwyer, B.Eng, allowing you to see with you own eyes, irrefutable, forensic evidence that went all the way to the US Supreme Court where it was unlawfully dismissed.

“September 11th was among the greatest, if not the greatest historical event in all of known history. Rarely does a day go by that national headlines do not include a story with implications based upon this single day. We were told “everything changed on 9/11” but few even know what physically happened on that day in history that changed everything and what phenomena we witnessed.”
- Dr. Judy Wood

“The implications of Dr. Wood's work are every bit as world-embracing and absolute in their importance as was the introduction of weaponized nuclear fission over half a century ago, and in fact even more so. Dr. Wood herself has referred to 9/11 as The New Hiroshima.”
- Eric Larsen

Where in Library? -> Edmonton Room

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