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Apr. 24, 2018 - Lightning Talks
Please note our location is no longer downtown. Please come join us for this event and RSVP so we can get a head count for attendance and food accommodation. 5:30-6:00pm Food 6:00-6:30pm Peter Lorimer- Aspect Oriented Programming 6:30-7:00pm Simon Yewchuk - Introduction to Xamarin 7:00-7:30pm Doug Marquardt - Simple WPF Data Binding Talk #1 Peter Lorimer- Aspect Oriented Programming Abstract: Are you tired of cross-cutting concerns getting in your way? Has logging code bogged down your business logic? Learn how Aspect Oriented Programming can help turn that spaghetti code, into a lasagna! Try it, you might like it. This talk will explore the difficulties faced with cross cutting concerns, and techniques using aspect oriented programming to declutter, modularize, and abstract common code. Explore how the AOP library [Aspekt]( can be used to separate concerns and contain them within classes. Speaker Bio: When I was 7, I wrote on my report card "I like computers. I like gym." not much has changed since then. My name is Peter Lorimer, a C++ developer by trade, C# developer for fun, and an avid fitness enthusiast. A self-proclaimed Microsoft fan boy, I might be the last known user of the "Windows Phone" platform. Talk #2 Simon Yewchuk - Introduction to Xamarin Abstract: Xamarin is a platform for mobile app development using Visual Studio and C#. Xamarin was purchased by Microsoft in 2016 and is now fully supported. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android allow users to create and build apps with native UI using C#, and with the potential for separating business logic into a shared library. Xamarin.Forms is a UI abstraction that allows developers to create user interfaces that can be shared across Android, iOS (and Windows Phone). Speaker Bio: Simon studied physics and comp sci in school. He got his first .NET programming job in Calgary in 2009, followed by a brief stint in Manchester, UK, before returning to Edmonton in 2012. He recently started working from home as an independent software contractor. He likes Star Trek, and hopes to spend more time promoting science and democracy. Talk #3 Doug Marquardt - Simple WPF Data Binding Abstract: This will be a brief introduction into data binding in WPF/C#. The main focus will be on few more common scenarios on how to bind models to controls (MVVM pattern), and when/how to use property notifications with your bindings. Speaker Bio: I am currently working as software developer at Process Solutions Canada Limited ( I assist in developing software solutions for cement distributions systems; which manage the bulk loading of cement and other powders, bag shipping and receiving of raw materials. I started my programming career as a Visual Basic developer and was a Microsoft Visual Basic MVP 1994 - 2003. Most of my career focused on building software solutions to manage pipeline integrity data for the Oil & Gas industry. Basic functionality included tables, charts, maps, and a graphical view of sections of pipe - based on inputs such as AGS, ILI, Dig Programs, and much more. Advanced modules included HCA and CL zone calculations. I have worked on commercial solutions written in Visual Basic, VB.NET, and C#. I started programming in C# about five years ago; which is now my language of choice. Next Event: We are looking for speakers for the rest of the season. As a community we enjoy our local members to contribute and share their passion and success with others. Please get the word out and if you know someone who would like to present a specific topic, email us at [masked]. Sponsors: We are looking for sponsors. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor us. Current .NET Job Opportunities: Your company can advertise your job postings here. Contact us for job postings sponsorship.

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The Edmonton .NET User Group is a non-profit organization which empowers the IT Professionals and Developers using the Microsoft .NET Framework technologies with great knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities at the events we host. As a member of this community, we value your feedback and support to continuously improve and grow this community. We will try our best to accommodate your needs such as the speakers or topics you like to learn about. We also would like to welcome business leaders in the community to get connected with us and our members to provide business and career opportunities.

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