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Higher Laws of Relationships and Finances/ 1st ticket $79/2nd ticket $25 limited

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Good Morning Edmonton Single Travelers,

WE will be meeting in Event Room: Room 107 at the Edmonton Expo Centre at 8:45 am Friday morning. I will see you then! Make sure to bring some pens, markers, coloured pencils... so you can draw/write in your manual.

With our fabulous "Higher Laws 3 Day Event" coming up in September13-15. We have new limited time ticket prices just for Edmonton Single Travelers/guests as I know Andy , organizer for "Higher Laws" in Edmonton!

1st ticket $79/ 2nd ticket $25 person versus $500/person regular price. If you are looking to split tickets let me know when you are booking.If you are coming as a single person let me know and I will put you on a list to see if there are other members to split the cost with for your ticket package.

THESE ARE LIMITED TICKET PRICES UNTIL 3PM, SATURDAY, August 31 . After this tickets go back to $79/person.

I am not affiliated with "The HIgher Laws Of Learning"and I am not receiving any money for sharing this with my members/guests. I do this because I have gotten some huge amazing success changes in my life since starting attending "The Higher Laws Of Learning" events.

I want to see people change their lives and hit their goals and dreams! For myself I have lost and kept off 2 dress sizes(20 lbs) in the last year, made more money, became a better communicator, dated, and had 400 new members join Edmonton Single Travelers in the last year.

* The Higher Law of Results™
o How to Get Results in Any Area of Your Life... Especially with Relationships and Money!
* Why People Don't Get the Financial Results they Want
o It may not be what you think, yet others have increased their income after learning this
* Why People Don't Have the Relationships they Want
o How One Specific Thing can Create Abundance in Relationships
* The Primary Key to a Lasting Partner/Friendship
o Yes, there Really is One Thing that can Create or Hinder You
* Masculine & Feminine Energy
o How Women Cut Themselves Short in Relationships
o Why Men Fall Short in Relationships
* Mastering Influence
o A Secret Ingredient to Connecting with Anyone you Meet
o How to Influence... Without people feeling sold or Influenced
o How to Have a Person Think Great Things About You... After They Leave!
* How to Create A Bright Future
o Relationships "End" without a Bright Future... Especially in Business!
* How to Empower your Best Self

* Q & A Session with Brandon Broadwater
o Imagine what it would be like to finally get real answers to your questions. Really!

Limited ticket prices of $79/1st ticket 2nd ticket $25 ends 3pm/Friday/May 31, to --confirm your tickets you can either pay on and then confirm with me or call me directly at my cell at 780-318-2855 to pay via credit card.

This is my 3rd time to attend "The Higher Laws 3 Day Event" . Every time I go I learn new things.

Looking forward to seeing all of you fabulous Edmonton Single Travelers in
September 7-9, 2013 for the "3 Day Higher Laws".

Have an awesome long weekend you fabulous Edmonton Single Travelers!

Billi-Jo Irwin/Organizer
Edmonton Single Travelers