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We also have a facebook group! Its called "Social Anxiety & Shyness Meetup (Ages 18-35), Edmonton & Surrounding Areas" and link is : https://www.facebook.com/groups/163837420935319/


You are a Normal, Intelligent human being who wants a great Social Life but are terribly shy and have trouble warming up to strangers. But once you warm up, you become a social butterfly!

If this sounds like you, Then this is the group for you!

This is a supportive environment for young adults to get together who suffer in silence from Social Anxiety or Shyness. This meetup is also suitable for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety that is caused by Social anxiety, Generalised anxiety, Shyness, Stuttering, Body Image issues (Send me a message if your issue is not listed here and I will let you know if its applicable to our group)

I have decided to make this meet up group due to that inner feeling of wanting to have close friends who to experience life with. I believe just how little kids are so easily able to make friends due to no judgement , there has to be a environment like that for adults who are sensitive and shy. The goal of this meet up group is to get things started. To take the first and the hardest step of reaching out. Do not worry about being judged because everyone else has the same issues as you. If you are uncomfortable in talking then you do not have to. It is perfectly OK if you would just like to attend and listen to others. Knowing that, it should be easy for everyone to feel at ease. There is no requirement to force friendships with everyone who attends the meetup because certain people will gravitate towards certain people more than others. The point of the meetup is to get everyone together and from there if people would like to be friends with certain individuals , they can just meet outside the meetup and develop their friendships.

People who suffer from social anxiety usually tend to self medicate with alcohol and other drugs to suppress their anxiety, loneliness or emotional pain. I know that is ultimately not the correct way of going about this long term. Lots of people would like to reach out but asking people to be friends can be considered "weird" in our society. This group should help with that. Sometimes just having one person along with you when you want to try something new can be the difference between attempting something or backing out. Just having one good friend can change a persons life for the better.

There is Depression/Anxiety group for Edmonton that I have attended but I find that is very generic and has wide age range. It has people with various issues that I could not relate to ( old age, etc). This group is specific for people who's main issue is Social Anxiety and Shyness and want to overcome/improve it with support of like minded people. Age limit is there to make it easier for people to connect/relate with each other who are at same phase of their life.

This meetup group is my first big project/attempt at going outside my comfort zone, due to being sick of watching life pass me by from the sidelines. I know there are people out there who just want someone to talk to with whom they do not have to hide their true self.

I believe Regret is worse then death. Regret kills a person every day while death only happens once. So have NO REGRETS in life!

Make new Friends and Memories! It's Never Too Late! You are not alone.


People from Surrounding areas of Edmonton are also welcome to join! ( eg. Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan Etc)


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This channel is run on Donations and they are appreciated if anyone wants to contribute towards the meetup. Meetup.com charges $30.00 per month for this Meetup. Any amount is welcome, no matter how big or small.


If you have any ideas for activities or discussions, shoot me a message and me and my wonderful co-organizers will try our best to make it happen!

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