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Effective altruists use reason and evidence to ask - "How can we maximize our philanthropic impacts?"

There are more pressing problems in the world than we can solve. Given various constraints, merely doing what's immediate or 'feels good' often neglects far more important global causes. What if we use rational, evidence-based methods to address priorities in the most impactful ways we can?

Effective altruism (http://effectivealtruism.org) takes an analytical approach to philanthropy, using concepts like comparative analysis and far-future thinking. Philanthropic choices, methods, and organizations are not equal - some are thousands of times more effective than others. Effective altruists focus on initiatives high in scale X neglect X tractability, such as supporting poverty & health interventions (http://givewell.org), managing existential risks (http://fhi.ox.ac.uk), improving animal welfare (http://mercyforanimals.org), optimizing career choice (http://80000hours.org), and donating to highly effective charities (http://givingwhatwecan.org).

EA Shanghai is the first mainland Chinese chapter of the global community, supported by Oxford-based CEA (http://centreforeffectivealtruism.org). We educate each other on important models of rationality, hone our decision-making skills, and learn to make ever more effective philanthropic contributions.

What we do:

- Monthly workshop X fundraising event, plus group donation to EA Funds
- Biweekly social, weekly Meatless Monday, ongoing book exchange
- Extended network to global EA organizations, opportunities, and events

We are looking for people who are passionate about social impact, and exploring an ambitious approach to philanthropy. Come meet others, learn more, and get involved!

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