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Talk: The End of Animal Farming
Many books and articles have documented the devastation animal agriculture causes to human health, the economy, the environment, and of course animal welfare. Public figures from Bill Nye to Richard Branson have said that the future of food is animal-free. But readers and listeners are left with one burning question: How do we actually get from here to there? In "The End of Animal Farming", Jacy Reese will outline an evidence-based roadmap to a humane, ethical, efficient food system where slaughterhouses are obsolete. Join Jacy Reese and Effective Animal Altruism London for this free talk and Q&A about how we can ensure the success of one of the most important social movements of our time. The following month, his book of the same title will be available for purchase. This talk is ideal for *everyone* who agrees that non-human animal suffering matters, whatever their beliefs or diet. It will be followed by a question and answer session. RESERVE YOUR PLACE TODAY BY REGISTERING FOR A TICKET BELOW ON EVENTBRITE. Registering on Meetup alone is insufficient. Please note that ticket "sales" will come down 30 hours BEFORE the event begins. --- LOCATION: WeWork Waterhouse Square 138 Holborn EC1N 2SW Please note that while one entrance to the location is very obvious, another entrance is simply marked with "[masked] Holborn", until you find the WeWork location on your left. If you get lost, call WeWork on[masked] --- Jacy is the Research Director at Sentience Institute, an effective altruism think tank researching the most effective strategies to expand humanity's moral circle. Find more info about him here: Effective Altruism London is a group dedicated to applying reason and evidence to doing the most good. We regularly host speakers to talk about the biggest problems facing the world and the future, and the best potential ways to tackle them. Like our page to keep up to date with our latest events. Join the group for Effective Animal Altruism London if you are interested in reducing animal suffering. Effective Altruism London: Effective Animal Altruism London: Tickets:

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