What we're about

For COACHES, MENTORS, and HEALERS stopping at nothing to build the vision with confident self-expression, mindbody connection and power in purpose.

***This group used to be Effective Lifestyle Community which I started years ago, and have since built my vision to a point where I'm much clearer on who I want to teach and what I want to bring to my community!

We are now in Medina!!

This group is for you if you're ready to walk the talk, create the habits, and take a deeper look at how you're showing up to the life you say you want, and the people you're committed to help.

You can consciously create your life on purpose, have an impact AND lead in abundance.

I've met so many people looking for community and am super called to create one, because the vision will not be sustainable if we do not take a deep look at ourselves and how we BE in our lives. And it's so much easier when we are not alone.

If you're a coach, health coach, healer, mentor or anything of the like as far as service based entrepreneur (or want to be), this might be exactly the place for you.

You're not interested in building a vision.
Just looking to start your personal development journey.
Don't know your fears or desires at all.
New to the language of personal development.
Is not at all interested in spirituality.
You hate being a team player.
You're not ALREADY doing the inner work and creating change in your life.
You're looking for medical help.
If building the vision or being a coach sounds "cool" but you're not committed.

Personal and spiritual development
Habit forming
Ideal clients
People pleasing
Feeling like a fraud
Language upgrades
Why you get to be and have it all
Reading Universal Feedback
Hermetic Principles
Mindbody Connection
Power in Purpose
Charging more for services
Self trust
And so much more.

Depending on what you guys love is what I'll offer more of.

Most will be free and some will have a charge.

ABOUT ME: I'm a transformational coach. I mainly teach women now, but started out with mainly men and think this group will be open to both.

I only work with vision builders who are ready to get out of their own way.

Over the last 2 years, I've created a full time at home business for myself, called GoldMind.

As a coach, I charge premium rates, so my clients and student are FULLY committed and ready to show up for what they say they want.

Since most of these will be free, I ask you to find another community if you want to defend your limits rather than prove your potential.

You can head over to www.goldmindcoach.com to read a little more about me and my story. There's testimonials there too! (all of my social media links are on the first page--IG, FB)

If you just want to check out social:

I also have a podcast called GoldMind Podcast on all platforms. (links also in website)

SHORT STORY is I used to be a broke bartender and door to door sales rep in shit relationships. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune dieseas, and almost died twice before getting my life together in more ways than one.

I'm now healthy, happy, creating abundance for myself and in a beautiful 5 year relationship.

I swear a tad- FYI.

My partner is a certified health coach and may make appearances to speak on the topic.

We have both taken challenging paths through our lifetime. We are consistently using the knowledge we obtained through our experience to allow ourselves to emerge wiser every day. We hope you want to join us on this journey.

I hope the new group serves you and I'm so sorry if we've changed into something that doesn't.

Keep an eye out for new events coming soon and I hope to see you there!

Always feel free to send my a message.

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