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What we're about

Effective Lifestyle Community: Personal Growth, Health, Learning and Conscious Conversations.
“Mind opening conversation with open minded individuals.”
We are holding space for our community to start open discussions about personal growth, health, motivation and the science that combines them all. Everything from our journey, your journey, todays research and the wisdom of our past is fair game.
Are you sick of small talk and politics?
Are you fading from common conversation?
Want to take back your health?
Do you wish you had someone to talk with about your eccentric thoughts and research?
How about accountability for your life changes?
Would you like to change your current lifestyle but can’t find a supportive community who will embrace your failures and celebrate your wins?
We would love to have you.
We love:
All things health, Personal Development, Language, Esoteric Knowledge, Philosophy, Science, Cooking, Bio-hacking, Coffee, Exercise, Yoga, Astronomy, Astrology, Nature, Hiking, Plant Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Personal Awareness Work, Breathwork, Energy work, or anything else that involves Critical Thinking, Conscious Conversation and community!!
Judgement free.
We will be hosting a variety of meetups from simple open discussions, exercise trips, teaching lessons on life or heath, and much more! Some will have a small fee and most will be free or open to donation.
About us:
This group was created by Adam Reynolds and Shawna Sudyk.
Hi! We want to start this community because, well, frankly… we can’t find one like it! We are FULL of ideas, concepts and thoughts. We would love nothing more than to start a community where conversation isn’t about just what’s going wrong in your life or the reasons why you can’t make change. If a problem is presented, we want to talk about how a solution can be obtained! (And, being human, I know navigating life and health can be difficult!) Also, if a conversation takes us off course into a completely different discussion; that’s great too!
Adam (who is a current student at Integrative Institute for Nutrition) and I have both taken challenging paths through our lifetime. We are consistently using the knowledge we obtained through our experience to allow ourselves to emerge wiser every day. We hope you want to join us on this journey. If you want to check us out we are both on Facebook. See you soon!

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