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Playing Lean - Learn about Lean Startup interactively

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This workshop teaches your team the Lean Startup methodology by competing in the social, physical board game - Playing Lean.

Playing Lean - a Learning Tool

In addition to being an educational board game for change makers who need to teach others about the Lean Startup methodology, Playing Lean uses classic game mechanics to ignite the competitive spirit. The concept has taken inspiration from Eric Ries' The Lean Startup, and has been developed in collaboration with Ash Maurya, the author of the internationally known and applied Running Lean book.

Playing Lean Board Game

Learning Outcomes

The game lasts for 2-3 hours. During this time, the players learn:

• The framework of the concepts the method is based on

• The four development levels for staging new products and services

• What psychological pitfalls Intrapreneurs need to be aware of.

Game Mechanisms

The game is won by the team who use their resources best. Throughout the game, you have to do your research on potential customers, develop a product by building and removing properties, and sell the product to ever larger customer groups. The winner is the first team to sell their product to the mass market. During the game, players feel the pressure of inadequate resources, unexpected experiment results, and how small margins can be between winning the mass market and losing it to a competitor.


• 15 minute introduction

• 2 hours playthrough

• 15 minutes reflection & debrief