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This group is for "serious" individuals looking to learn how to trade options to supplement their monthly income, be a primary source of income, or to enhance their retirement investments. This group was started to help others learn about options by having a discussion with a private volatility fund manager.

Each meetup will go over an option topic or strategy that can be used to gain income or to enhance a retirement account. In addition, live trading with real money will take place. This group welcomes beginners and experienced traders. Everyone will be treated with respect!

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6 Steps to Making Money Trading Options (beginner series)

Network event

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Learning to trade options can feel overwhelming for many because it's hard to know where to start. After learning about our six steps, you'll have a clear path to becoming a smart, safe and successful options trader.

The webinar presenter, Danielle Nelson, has been in your shoes. She learned to trade options just two years ago. While still new (and always learning) she has a profitable portfolio and is excited to open up this world of trading to those like her - regular people who want to supplement their income with options.

This webinar is designed for those who want to get into options trading but haven't taken the first step yet.

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Selling Option Strangles on Stocks under $100

Network event

Online event

We encourage beginners to come and learn!

The Strangle Option Spread can be a good strategy to use for beginners and experienced traders alike - if used responsibly in this current market environment.

If you are new or experienced with options, join us for this webinar that will cover:

1. Introduction to the mechanics of the Strangle.
2. What is a short Strangle and how should I trade it?
3. What is a skewed Strangle and why should I use it?
4. Selling a Strangle on 5 different stocks under $100.
5. And much more!

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Am I Ready to Trade Options? 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Started

Network event

Trading options is an exciting way to supplement your income, but it can be risky if you don't know what you're doing. At The Dorian Way, we help regular people learn to trade options by helping you answer ten important questions before getting started.

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to these ten questions - like, "What is the difference between stock and option trading?" and "How much money should I start with to trade options?"

Start off armed with the knowledge you need to get started trading options!

Selling Options to Own Stocks

Network event

Online event

We encourage beginners to attend and learn!

This webinar topic is on "selling options to own stocks." We will go over the steps to sell put options to own stocks then how to sell calls on the stock you own.

Learn how to buy stocks at a discount. Right now, stocks are trading at very high levels, so join this webinar to learn how to buy stocks on sale. DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY TO BENEFIT!

We will also have an open question session.

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Understanding The 4 Major Option Greeks

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