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Hello fellow rationalists! Sorry for the delay in calling another meetup, but since we had other events, I didn't want to cross with anyone else. I miss seeing everyone and hope a lot of you can make it. Remember with Leo's, they don't take reservations and we need at least half the group to arrive in order to be seated, so that's why it is very important to RSVP if you are coming. This is also why I won't be publishing on Facebook this time around, because I want as accurate a count as possible. Hope you all can make it! In reason, Alex Bonnet aka Border Skeptic

LEO'S Mexican Restaurant

7520 Remcon Cir. · El Paso, TX

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    Welcome fellow atheists and friends. This group is opened to atheists/agnostics and on the fence friends who want to meet and talk with other like minded people. Learn from each other, share stories, become empowered. Please look at our meeting schedule to save the dates. We talk about anything that's on our mind, have some food and a coffee or brew. Bring your friends or come to meet new ones.

    That said, this group is rapidly becoming an activist group. If you are willing to help, we want to show El Paso there is a community of Atheists that is not tolerant of mixing any faiths with government. We love and respect all people, but do not love and respect their faiths. We also want to create trust by welcoming discussions between believers and ourselves. Through communication and interaction, prejudice towards atheists dissolves. We are also actively looking for volunteering at community events to show that atheists care about others without the need to proselytize any faith agendas. With time, El Paso Atheists will become the go-to-voice of reason in El Paso. We are nice, strong willed, wildly attractive, and funny ;). We're the atheist community you've been looking for!

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