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This group is open to all women who want to learn and play board games. These aren't the games of your childhood - they are so much more fun! If you aren't familiar with modern board games, don't worry, we'll teach you in a friendly, welcoming environment. We'll make sure everyone who shows up is included in a game. Whether you're a veteran gamer or brand new to modern board games. Please join us, it'll be fun!

El Paso Women Board gamers was created back in 2016 by Starla (former organizer for the Las Cruces Boardgamers). The first month or so it went by a different name however we soon decided to focus the group in El Paso. I (Patricia) became co-organizer taking over the group, however, for many years Starla was the main organizer footing the bill and so I want to thank her for all she has done for this group and although she is not the organizer anymore I hope she knows this group is possible because of her and her kindness. Thank you Starla!

We recently had to change the membership over as neither Starla or I could afford the membership fee's. Derek Scott is now the organizer for both groups. He is a dear friend of mine and Starla's and he has been so kind to allow me to keep this group up and going. So you will see his name as organizer and will see him as a member to the group but nothing changes this will continue to be a womens group. Thank you Derek for being our financial support and allowing this group to live on.

Again El Paso Women Boardgamers is a group for women who want to learn and play boardgames! Please join us if you are interested. I hope to see you soon!

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