• Elastic Stuttgart Resurrection MeetUp - with Elastic and mimacom

    On November 13, 2018 we plan to revive the Elastic Usergroup Stuttgart with a MeetUp event at Experinate, downtown Stuttgart. The MeetUp will be sponsored by mimacom, food and drinks will be provided and the event is free. The first talk will be held by Philipp Krenn, Developer Advocate at Elastic. # Elasticsearch (R)Evolution — You Know, for Search… Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine built on top of Apache Lucene. After the initial release in 2010 it has become the most widely used full-text search engine, but it is not stopping there. The revolution happened and now it is time for evolution. We dive into the following questions: * How did leniency help the initial adoption, but why and how do we lean more on strictness today? * How can upgrades be improved to avoid any downtime even when changing major versions? * How can new resiliency features improve recovery scenarios and add totally new features? * Why are types finally disappearing and how are we are trying to avoid the upgrade pain as much as possible? * What are examples for some clever performance improvements? * How can you shrink and (finally) split shards in a highly efficient way? Attendees learn both about new and upcoming features as well as the motivation and engineering challenges behind them. The second talk will be held by Vinh Nguyen from mimacom # From Zero to Hero – Best Case with Elasticsearch Vinh is an freshly-baked elastic certified Engineer and works as an IT professional for the most time for the finance sector in Switzerland. He loves Open Source. He does evaluate technology, concepts and best practices. Mostly he enables and empower the application developers to accomplish their missions. At the upcoming Meet Up, Vinh will show you solution-oriented examples with elasticsearch and how easy it is to accomplish first results. In general why the elastic stack is a risk-less and pain-free choice for many use cases. *Step 1 - Digitalization: Bring your data into Elasticsearch. How to achieve the first results as quick and simple as possible. How to integrate and connect existing or legacy IT systems. *Step 2 - Business Analytics: You brought data with the first step into Elasticsearch. Now harness your data and gain valuable insights. *Step 3 - Monitoring: Your data is live! See how you can prevent bottlenecks, deadlines and utilize the elastic stack for optimization problems. He will show you interactive demo´s from real life use cases in the field. Be curious about his talk! Please reach out to me or leave a comment in case you have ideas, requests, specific items you'd like to see presented or discussed. We look forward to welcoming many of you at the MeetUp and have a great, informative and social evening together with the Elastic Community in the Stuttgart area.

  • Shield - Security for Elasticsearch

    Startup Campus Stuttgart

    Hi elasticfans! I am happy to announce the 3rd Elasticsearch Meetup! This time to exciting topic: Shield - Security for Elasticsearch Shield is a plugin for elasticsearch which adds enterprise-grade security to the ELK stack. This talk will provide an overview of the Shield components and some features will be demonstrated during a live presentation. • Introduction • Security requirements • Shield components • Demo • Alternatives • Q&A Speaker: Emanuel Muhr Emanuel is software Engineer at mimacom with 5 years of professional software development experience with Java, JEE, OSGi and Web technologies. He works on Projects based in the public and private sector focusing on Full Client, Backend and Web development. MOST IMPORTANT: • Call for speakers! If you feel like sharing your experiences with elasticsearch, please contact us and let's make it happen! • After the talk, there will be time to get together with some beer & snacks. • Please PROMOTE this meetup, invite your colleagues and friends and RSVP to help this meetup growing. Special thanks to our sponsors! Elasticsearch for providing us with refreshment. mimacom for covering the pizza and org. staff.

  • elasticsearch Vortrag und Workshop bei den mimacom Days Stuttgart

    Hallo Meetup Gruppe, ich veranstalte einen Event unter dem Titel "Open Source Symposium - mimacom days 2014". Für elasticsearch Fans sind 2 interessante Beiträge dabei: 1. Talk von Dimitri Marx ( elasticsearch) mit dem Titel: Elasticsearch - Making sense of your data to give you actionable insights von 10:30-11:15 2. Ein workshop "Bring your Own Laptop" mit dem Thema: Workshop II - "Visualize log files" - Build your Dashboard with elasticsearch, logstash and kibana von 16:00 - 18:00 h Der Event ist Kostenfrei und findet mitten in Stuttgart statt. Würde mich freuen einige von euch dort zu sehen. Anmeldung hier: http://www.mimacom.de/mimacom-days/stuttgart GRUSS FELIX p.s. das nächte "reine" Meetup im Bahnhofsturm ist auch in planung. mehr dazu in kürze

  • Elasticsearch - with AWS und GCE (google cloud)

    Im Turmforum 9.Stock

    This is the second meeting of the group. The speaker of this meetup will be Agim Emruli. Topic: "Elasticsearch - with AWS und GCE (google cloud)" AWS and GCE are common public cloud platforms used by enterprise of any size. The talk with focus on the elastic part of elasticsearch and discuss how to run and use the elasticity of elasticsearch on both cloud platforms. Further, Agim will explore the possibility to process massive workload in the cloud with elasticsearch and Hadoop. About the speaker: Agim is a long-term open-source user and contributor. He is currently working in mimacom as a software architect on project using search technologies like lucene and elasticsearch. Before joining mimacom, Agim worked for the open-source company interface21 / SpringSource which has been acquired by VMware in 2010. Agim has been a long term speaker on different national and international conferences as well as user group events. MOST IMPORTAINT: • After Agim’s talk, there will be time to get together. We will provide beer and snacks. • Please PROMOTE this meetup, invite collegues and friends and RSVP to help this meetup growing. THANKS Location: Based on the positive feedback regarding the location, I decided to run the meetup at the same spot. Turmforum 9. Stock Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart

  • Elasticsearch R1.0 - Releaseparty

    Im Turmforum 9.Stock

    This is the first meeting of the group, so I organized a guest speaker to get us started. ALEXANDER REELSEN (http://www.linkedin.com/in/alexanderreelsen) from elasticsearch will be our guest! Topic: "What's new in Elasticsearch 1.0" Presenter: ALEXANDER REELSEN (Software Engineer at Elasticsearch) After Alexs talk, there will be time to for socializing. We will provide beer and snacks. This should help to get the the conversation started ;o) NOTE: The location is fixed. We will meet at Turmforum 9. Stock Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart Thanks to the sponsors we will have drinks and fingerfood.