Scale Your Elasticsearch Cluster

Elasticsearch Usergroup Frankfurt
Elasticsearch Usergroup Frankfurt
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Please ring the bell for CodeCentric and take the elevator up to the 6th floor.

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Philipp from Elastic will be in town on this day and has agreed to extend his stay a little to talk to us about how to successfully scale your Elasticsearch cluster.

Philipp lives to demo interesting technology. Having worked as a web, infrastructure, and database engineer for more than ten years, Philipp is now working as a developer advocate at Elastic — the company behind the open source Elastic Stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. Based in Vienna, Austria, he is constantly traveling Europe and beyond to speak and discuss about open source software, search, databases, infrastructure, and security.

Scale Your Elasticsearch Cluster

Elasticsearch is highly scalable, but some recent additions make it easier to tie everything together the right way. In this talk we discuss:
* Frozen Indices for much higher storage density per Elasticsearch node and its tradeoffs.
* Index Lifecycle Management or how to automate having a multi-tier architecture and how this actually works in the background.
* Rollups or how to aggregate metrics over time.

The goal of this talk is to make your cluster management less complex and more cost effective.