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The goal of this group is to design the optimal Electric Production Vehicle. What is optimal?
•Energy Efficient
•Low cost
•Light weight
•Simple design
•Easy to manufacture
•Fun to drive

If you are technically inclined (mechanical, electrical, software, computer, physics, material, chemical, designers, etc), and would like an exciting hobby project that develops your understanding of electric vehicle technology, please join and send a message!

I figure the project will progress something like this:
•Phase 1: Outline various EV architectures
•Phase 2: Aggregate and Evaluate current technology
•Phase 3: Model EV system architectures and evaluate pros and cons
•Phase 4: Identify optimal EV architecture and refine
•Phase 5: Systems design
Phase 6: Spec component technology
•Phase 7: Draft component integration prints
•Phase 8: Compile BOM
•Phase 9: GoFundMe proposal to raise funds to build a prototype
•Phase 10: Build prototype

Areas of interest:
Variable frequency drive/ Inverter
Power/ Battery technology
Electric power Steering
Electronic gearing

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