09-19 -EV Driver SURVIVAL GUIDE -Steve Pimen (of Voltage Doubler)

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Every 3rd Thursday of the month

Needs a location


09-19* -EV DRIVER SURVIVAL GUIDE -Steve Pimen (of Voltage Doubler)
..... when On long distance Road trips & Travel
...... at home for an Energy Inspection (install of 240v, or solar, or both!)

DETAILS: to be updated by Chris.


1. 12:00...Pay $11 cash 1st, then start your Buffet!

2. 12:15..We'll start the meeting so we can get folks back to work (yes, we must).

3. 1:00 Close meeting. (Hang around afterwards for networking!)


(*rescheduled from Jun 20th to Sept 19th, 2019 for Speaker schedule)