GAUGE -Automated Startup Biz Assessment -EVs -Electric Aviation

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Strategic marketing that turns disruptive innovators into new category leaders
Are you trying to raise money? grow quickly? or create liquidity?
If you’re not the leader in your new category, you may be hard pressed to close the deal you need, with terms in your favor. Put yourself in position to win with a partner who quickly gets your strategy, with the tools, process and expressive magic to amplify your position in the market.

Value Created
At CERTICOM, an original cryptography technology innovator was transformed into the leader in security for the wireless Internet. The company listed on NASDAQ, and raised $42 million.

At SCIBAC, a first-time CEO used the GAUGE scaffold to assess her strategy and align it with her team. She raised an additional $800 thousand in seed funding as a bridge to CARB-X grants worth $3.75 million.

At AWI, a small team took its first steps towards independence. The non-profit organization partnered with a major educational institution, rebranded and doubled its program attendance.

How It Works
TruNorth helps you fulfill your big idea.

First we capture your strategy in GAUGE, an analytical scaffold, and synthesize it into expressive statements with a compelling narrative.

Second, we make sure all of your constituents are aligned with the strategy, from investors and team members to partners and customers.

Then we execute specific projects that put the strategy to work and amplify your position

Leads consulting practice that brings product marketing discipline to technology products. Guides clients through a proven and objective business strategy process. Contributes to process by interviewing constituents, collecting and structuring market evidence, writing statements, and leading reviews. Applies strategy within customer discovery (aka product-market fit), product launch and revenue growth projects.