Leadership team

  • Co-organizer, TREASURER -2018
    Joined Mar 16, 2017
    Results-driven Technical Manager recognized for excellence in process improvement, and technical team development. Management and engineering background.
  • Event organizer
    Joined Nov 2, 2016
    Speaker Chair, EVESV.
  • Co-organizer, VICE-PRESIDENT
    Joined Aug 20, 2015
    My background is in Lithium ion, semiconductors, and medical devices. I love hiking, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, and travel. I'm dreaming of a future powered completely by solar and wind power.
  • Co-organizer
    Joined Nov 14, 2011
    Owner of PSI Consulting, offering outsourced IT Management and solutions.
  • Organizer, President
    Joined Dec 3, 2010
    I am an EE/ ME/ JD leading a passionate group of Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Startups, VCs, Investors, EV owners, etc. in SILICON VALLEY to solve tough problems in emerging Transportation as a Service (TaaS) and EVs.