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Discovering the True You

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Amanda Jackson and I are inviting you to join us in a group study as we feel you have a lot of wisdom and insights that would benefit the group as a whole. We have found that this group setting has greatly enhanced our quality of life and increased our inner peace. We want to share this group with others that are inspired to learn and grow at a soul level, please consider joining us for the highest good for all.
Relax, let go, breathe. Life can become filled with a constant demand for my attention that leaves little time for me. I am the most important person in the universe to me, as I am the only one who can nourish my soul. Over 8 weeks we will take the time to stop in our busy lives and tune into our true selves. Through a combination of meditation, healing, discussion and reading we will reflect on our true identity and take opportunity to realign our self love for a greater inner security. These weekly gatherings offer a safe place for inner reflection. Taking time once a week for me to tune into my spiritual life and refocus on my desires for myself really keeps me feeling more fulfilled. I gain a lot of understanding of what is actually going on around me from an energetic point of view and I feel so much more at ease in my life. Learning the big picture of what it really means to be a spirit living in a human body of earth is exciting and fills me with a passion for life.
Building our relationships with others, begins with building our relationship to ourselves. Strengthen your self love, personal loyalty and trust in this dynamic group of wonderful souls that are practicing and experiencing life. 8 weeks of delving into your concepts, talents and natural gifts.
Are you seeking toward personal evolution and constructive living? These 8 group meetings are about interacting with others of like mind to return home to your true self. Each week unravel the authentic you by discussing and experiencing deeply what makes you -- you without the influence of outside pressures currently in your life.

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