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Lair Assault: Temple of the Sky God

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As some of you may know Lair Assault is one of Wizard's Organized Play options, and is scheduled as a single mega-encounter like some of the tournament games from Conventions of Yore.

The idea is that you create a characters of a certain level (the current Lair Assault is Level 7) using all official options in 4th Edition (Essentials, pre-essentials, from Dragon magazine, etc but not 3rd party material - just Wizards stuff). Then with 3 or more of your friends, you attempt to survive a mega-encounter that is designed to kill you.

This session of Lair Assault is called Temple of the Sky God. Here's how it is described in detail on the Wizards website: (

Astride the legendary Mounts of Wind, the brave heroes venture into a corrupted temple in the clouds. Will the party survive the battle with the dark force that dwells there, or will they fall before the temple's new master?


Any legal character build of the appropriate level, using options from official Wizards products, is permissible in D&D Lair Assault. A great way to sort through the rules and make effective characters is through the Character Builder online tool available to D&D Insider subscribers.

Yes, that means all those books, both old and new, are resources for players to create the most deadly team of adventurers possible. They can pull out an old favorite from the Player’s Handbook, grab something from the latest releases like Dungeon Survival Handbook, or augment their options with rules from Dragon. If it’s a 4th Edition rules source printed by Wizards, it’s legal for play.

Gearing Up for Danger Each D&D Lair Assault challenge will specify a level. This D&D Lair Assault, Temple of the Sky God, is 7th level. Players bring characters of the challenge’s level to your scheduled event to participate. Characters higher or lower level than the challenge’s level are not allowed.

We use straightforward rules to equip characters for their deadly battles. Each character receives one magic item of one level higher than their level (level + 1), one of their level (level + 0), and one of one level lower than their level (level – 1). In addition, characters receive gold pieces equal to the value of one magic item of one level lower than their level (level – 1) to buy other equipment they think they’ll need. Each character may have no more than two consumable items (like potions or magic ammunition) equal to or less than the challenge’s level, and no more than one rare magic item. Note that players may equip their characters with magic items that are less than the stated levels if they so choose.

So, to use our 7th level example above, each character would have one 6th level, one 7th level and one 8th level magic item, plus 1,800 gold pieces to spend on other equipment (both mundane and magical).

I will try to have some sample characters available for those who can't make their own. Come a little early to choose and become familiar with the character options.