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This group welcomes guitar players of ALL LEVELS. Yes, you can join if you're a total beginner, guitars, basses and ukuleles welcome, there will be a part for you to play! We'll play arrangements of popular songs and perform at venues in NYC.

Arrangements will be written for distinct guitar parts, we can have as many guitars as we want as long as they are following one of the guitar charts.

GUITAR 1: Simple accompaniment; ideal for beginners playing 3 years or less; open chords, power chords and simple bass lines.

GUITAR 2: Melody and add-ons; ideal for players comfortable with rhythm involving eighth notes, eighth rests, basic lead skills, comfortable with strumming.

GUITAR 3: 16th note rhythm, 7th chords, extended chords, altered chords, barre chords

GUITAR 4&5: Solo and fxs; ideal for players comfortable with lead guitar, sixteenth notes, ties, slides, bends, hammer ons/pull offs and able to manage their instrument levels, fx pedals and dynamics.

To participate;

• You must bring your guitar

• You must download and bring your chart to follow

• You must be able to follow charts (tablature or standard notation)

• You must know the very basics of your instrument

• So, join in and come have fun playing your guitar with us!




Website: http://edelage.wix.com/edge

For practice support go to:

https://edgeguitarpedia.wordpress.com/ The Guitarpedia (https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fedgeguitarpedia.wordpress.com%2F&h=eAQHPaLde&s=1)


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