What we're about

Every person’s writing will be treated with equal respect and value.

Sometimes getting moving is the challenge. So rather than watch the group dissolve, I thought perhaps we might make a course correction. Sometimes we struggle with motivation, ideas or with characters. So we're going to try some interesting exercises to write in small group settings. We'll work through developing ideas, characters, scenes and different ways to approach story development. We're going to learn to play off of ideas and our experiences to bend them into stories that we would like to read.

Responses to these just-written works will focus on the positive, what is strong and successful. We'll take those results and work them into our collective work. Maybe, we'll get ambitious and develop parallel story lines.

The idea is not to focus on rules of the road, but rather to focus on learning to get our ideas to the screen or print! The camaraderie of collaborating with other writers will help us move past just the story in your head…

We'll have some fun while we work at it!

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