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Welcome to our first ever Elm programming language meetup. We have a special guest who happens to be in town, who will kick us off with introduction to Elm aimed at anyone familiar with JavaScript. Afterwards he says he'll be around to answer questions and probably make puns.

About Our Presenter

Please welcome prominent Elm ( community member, elm-css ( author, elm-test ( maintainer, and author of the book Elm in Action (, Richard Feldman (

Future meeting format

At this meetup we will also discuss the format of future events and what our community wants from this meetup group so that we can all learn more about Elm and have some fun every month.

Suggested format:

Event Schedule

6pm - Networking, eat pizza, drink beer

6.30pm - Welcome to Elm DC by Salar Rahmanian

6.35pm - Introduction to Elm by Richard Feldman

7.30pm - Discussion on format of future meetups

7.50pm - Announcements, people looking for jobs, people looking to hire, recruiters looking to hire (in this order please)

8pm - more networking, eat pizza, drink beer

8.30pm - End of event

Call for speakers

Want to do a talk related to Elm Language at our next/future meetups, get in touch with us now: