Elm-UI (style-elements) and GraphQL

Elm Kansas City
Elm Kansas City
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Softek Illuminate

7255 W 98th Terrace Suite 116 · Overland Park, ks

How to find us

Illuminate's building is #5 in the complex. We will be in the conference room on the first floor.

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Justin Noggle will explore using Elm UI - a library that rethinks how a developer can write their styles and layout. Functioning as an alternative to plain HTML and CSS, it draws inspiration from the domains of design, layout, and typography, as opposed to drawing from the ideas as implemented in CSS and HTML. We’ll explore how to create beautiful web apps using only Elm, and have fun along the way!

Afterward, Cj Meeks will give a brief introduction to GraphQL and then describe how GraphQL and the Elm tools work well together. GraphQL is a query language for APIs that seeks to make it easy to grow your app and safely change the data format.

We will again be sponsored by Softek Illuminate!