• Creating parsers in Elm and handling parent-child communication

    With the new Elm 0.19 release, Evan rewrote the parser package. Tristan Bull will explain how the new API works. He will also demonstrate how it can be used in practice with an HTML parser he wrote. Next, Stephen Reddekopp will discuss the issues around parent-child communication that arise when growing an Elm application. He will explain the most popular approaches to dealing with the problem, show some packages that can help, and share what has worked for the team at SMRxT. Big thanks to Softek Illuminate for hosting us yet again!

  • Elm-UI (style-elements) and GraphQL

    Softek Illuminate

    Justin Noggle will explore using Elm UI - a library that rethinks how a developer can write their styles and layout. Functioning as an alternative to plain HTML and CSS, it draws inspiration from the domains of design, layout, and typography, as opposed to drawing from the ideas as implemented in CSS and HTML. We’ll explore how to create beautiful web apps using only Elm, and have fun along the way! Afterward, Cj Meeks will give a brief introduction to GraphQL and then describe how GraphQL and the Elm tools work well together. GraphQL is a query language for APIs that seeks to make it easy to grow your app and safely change the data format. We will again be sponsored by Softek Illuminate!

  • Custom elements and Elm 0.19

    Softek Illuminate

    The first presentation will describe a method for javascript interop using custom elements. Next, we will discuss a few of the major changes that came in Elm 0.19 and a few upgrade tips. This week, we are sponsored by Softek Illuminate!

  • Design Pattern Lightning Talk / Open Space Discussion

    Johnson County Library - Corinth Branch

    We'll begin with a lightning talk on a few, small design patterns we've found to be helpful. Next, we'll take a few minutes to select our first topics and then break into discussion groups. After about 45 minutes, we'll switch up the groups and pick new topics. If you have a subject you'd like to learn more about, you can go ahead and post about it in the general channel of our slack (https://elm-kc.slack.com/) and let everyone up-vote it. We'll keep adding ideas at the meetup, but this will be a nice way to get started! As always, all levels of experience are welcome!

  • Hack Night

    Homer's Coffee House

    • What we'll do Hack night for Elm KC! It'll be a time to learn from each other and experiment in Elm. If you're new to the language, it is a good way to get started and have the opportunity to get help. If you're more advanced, you can use it as a chance to work on a side-project or commit to something open source. • What to bring Laptop

  • Lightning Talks

    Johnson County Library - Corinth Branch

    Lightning talks from different members of the group! If you're interested in also giving a lightning talk, post in the #meetup channel in elm-kc slack or leave a comment. So far we have: • Tristan: Experience in switching backend to Haskell and using the type/API generators for Elm • Alex: A pattern for paging data in Elm • Stephen: Using Mutation Observers to deal with some common problems in Elm • Justin: Precedence and infix operators

  • Testing in Elm

    Johnson County Library - Corinth Branch

    Proper tests play a critical role in the success of any application. Elm provides a rich testing framework and a number of community developed tools that prove useful. We'll explore how Elm approaches test writing, describe how to create a tests, and cover a number of different patterns. If you have trouble finding us, ask for the "Large Meeting Room" or call[masked]

  • Elm WebGL

    Location visible to members

    Alex Lende is a software engineer at Cerner who creates 3D data visualizations with web technologies including WebGL. He will talk about the state of WebGL in Elm and walk through a few examples to get you the basics of creating a WebGL animation with Elm.

  • Beyond Todo-App and Hack Night

    Databasically, Inc

    Engineers from SMRxT will give a short presentation about what it's like to use Elm after the Todo App. They will discuss some of the challenges of using Elm in production, how they organize their projects, and provide some insights into scaling projects. After the presentation, we can all hack as groups or alone on an Elm project. If you're looking for an idea, perhaps someone will need help on a project or have an idea for a project that would benefit the eco-system! For a fun project to hack-on and compete with, consider creating a "brain" in bottles (https://github.com/joeandaverde/bottles/tree/elm-brain).

  • Elm Hack Night

    Homer's Coffee House

    Hack night for Elm! It'll be a time to learn from each other and make something cool. If you're new to elm, it also may be a good way to get started and have the opportunity to easily get help. If you're more advanced, you can use it as a chance to get started on your side project or commit to something open source!