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Welcome to Elvenwood!

This is a meet-up for magical, friendly, festive gatherings in Woodmansee Park, with a Medieval/High Fantasy theme. Would you like to spend a summer afternoon in your choice of historic or fantasy costume, relaxing under the shade of an oak alongside a murmuring brook, while fellow revelers break bread with you, and regale you with tales?

If you enjoy the adventurous and aesthetic worlds of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, King Arthur, Robin Hood, How To Train Your Dragon or The Elder Scrolls; if you enjoy LARP or Cosplay, then come join us for our first event. Humans, elves, faeries, and orcs are all welcome: young and old, knights, bards, dragon riders, wizards, warriors and wanderers, alike.

Elvenwood Summerfest - Saturday, June 23, 2018
10am - 2pm
Woodmansee Park in Salem, OR

We’ll meet by the picnic tables alongside the creek, but may end up wandering through the groves for games and adventures.

Come show off your finery and meet some new people. Please consider bringing:
-a musical instrument (acoustic) to play
-a chess set or other traditional game
-a picnic with food that fits the atmosphere
-arts and crafts to teach or learn (I’ll be bringing materials for leaf and flower crowns)
-face-painting supplies
-kites, ribbon sticks, puppets, and other traditional toys
-friends and family, kids included!
-poetry or a favourite book to read aloud

This is an alternative to expensive, overcrowded, for-profit Renaissance Faires and conventions. It’s friendly, free, festive, and community-oriented.

This is a family-friendly event, in full compliance with park regulations. This means, there will be:

-NO alcohol whatsoever
-NO amplified music
-NO vendors or items for sale
-NO weapons (we’re role-playing a world at peace - leave bows and swords at home, thank you)
-NO unleashed or aggressive dogs

Let’s get together and have a lot of fun! Whether we have two people, a dozen, twenty, or more, we can have a lovely afternoon.

Please comment below, so we can build our community, now. :)

About Me / Elvenwood: Here's a bit about my background: I’ve participated in many living history events, have produced Shakespeare-in-the-Park, and have worked with kids a lot. I’m looking forward to hosting seasonal LARP or Cosplay events in beautiful Woodmansee Park, starting with Elvenwood Summerfest this June. Let’s see if we can grow a community of warm, kind, playful and imaginative people to share events like this, and make great memories. Life is to short to not spend some time in an enchanted world. Autumnfest, the follow-up event, is planned for late September. Thanks for reading! Hope to see you!

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