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Join Our We EmPOWER Your Life EmPOWERment™ CIRCLES · Second Thursdays of the month

What is an EmPOWERment Circle™ - EmPOWERment Circles are interactive, yet informal, subject specific discussion where guests share enriching and enlivening stories of hope, courage, transformation and success, words of encouragement and life lessons and probe the table host for their knowledge and expertise, all shared from the heart.

Our speaker provides education, inspiration and helps build confidence for those in need.


* Come explore and share what calls your heart and soul to make a difference.
* Build trusted networks with other joy-filled, like-minded women (plus bold men) cut from the same cloth.
* Learn how to bring what's close to your heart closer to the money.
* Nurture your dreams and celebrate milestones with ritual.
* Learn how to successfully barter and/or trade your gifts, talents, treasures & abilities.
* Identify your talents and connect you with potential clients and partners who do business with heart.
* Break through your own glass ceiling and more...

The We EmPOWER Your Life EmPOWERment™ Circles are touted as the most thought provoking, dynamic gathering of women in the Puget Sound area. Recognized for its un-paralleled capacity to empower and inspire, the event encourages guests to share what calls their soul, puts a fire in their belly and makes their heart sing.

Remember, no 30 second pitches hear, just share what makes your heart sing, puts a fire in your belly, sets your soul free and/or what brings you joy!

Who Should Attend:
•Anyone on the move
•Anyone re-making their life
•Anyone making a difference
•Anyone following their calling and who wants to live out their authentic purpose
•Anyone who desires a loving, compassionate and authentic community of support
•Anyone who desires to achieve financial stability and to generate enough for giving generously
•Anyone who is willing to be empowered and surrounded by others who are also empowered


REGISTER BY CALLING: 206-349-4297 or Click on Meet-up Link in the comment section.

“Empowerment is about change, choice and power. It is the process of change by which individuals or groups of little or no power and ability make choices that affect their lives.” (Cheston & Kuhn)

Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/postattendee?id=8

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