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Murder Mystery Hunt at the Crime and Punishment Museum - Win Gala Tics

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Tonight, TAKE A BITE OUT OF CRIME! Get ready for a multi faceted night as you and a few teammates will become crime solving authorities in a very unique venue. We will be getting exclusive access to the Museum of Crime and Punishment where we will have you hunting for clues, completing a variety of crime solving tasks, competing with other teams in unique competitions (ever see the "Amazing Race"), like high speed chases or at an FBI target style gun range(not to mention a Pizza Party Dinner).

In an evening of crime and crime solving - in Local and Federal Detective Fashion – you will race around this multi level museum - through time, through laboratories, through cities,... collecting items, and solving clues and competing in a variety of tasks. The winning team will be the one who has collected the most points through collecting items, solving clues and tasks. In exchange for helping your city find and capture bad guys through your masterful detective efforts , a grand prize will be awarded to all on the winning team.

Sound fun? Here’s how it all works:

1) PrePARTY: Upon arrival, meet your fellow sleuths to be over snacks sodas in a warm upmixer. Now is your chance to scope out fellow potential teammates whom you think can help you solve the ultimate crime tonight. If you arrive with friends you will be placed on the same team (upon on site request). If not, we will find a great team for you.

Each team will receive a list of assignments to complete and clues to collect. The list will also contain clues where each team must check in by a certain time. The clues given to you at each check in point list will always present information that you must decipher to find out the next check in point. Each team should take whatever items it has obtained and complete whatever tasks possible in the time allotted to arrive the location by the designated time. If you are late, you lose points.

3) At locations, you may be given a special task to complete on site. As master detectives, you are expected to use your wits, teamwork, skills, good humor and ability to have fun to prevail for your team. For example, one teammate will find himself/herself in a high speed car chase. Another will test their strength. Still another may find themselves in the morgue, or perhaps answering trivia to get another member out of a jail cell. Test your Wild West shooting skills, crack a safe, and try to hack into a computer. Based on your completion of tasks, and retrieval of clues and items, you will be evaluated and judged against your fellow law enforcement officers.

Throughout this evening, you find yourselves embroiled with tasks and trivia involving pirates, Medieval Knights, Al Capone, and more cast of characters in America’s history of crime. You will also find the ultimate instruments of punishment, including an electric chair and lethal injection machine. You'll complete a CSI investigation using such forensic science techniques as fingerprinting, ballistics, and DNA testing to solve the crime.

Again, prizes will be awarded.

FIRST PRIZE: Free admission to the our upcoming Mexican Embassy Gala

Post party follows at Ultra Bar – No additional cover charge.

Suggested Attire: Casual.

Price subject to increase on site