Evening at the Embassy of Slovenia with Native Visiting Musicians


To Register:
1) RSVP; then
2) Pay via https://thingstododc.com/event/sloveniaembassyjan2020/

Tonight, join the Ambassador in his magnificent embassy for a unique embassy event like never before.

Through the live Slovenian entertainment, bar, diplomats and other cultural aspects of the evening, we’ll take in the rich customs of the Slovenian people. Savor the hospitality in this beautiful resident as we enjoy a special evening on Slovenian soil.

The evening begins with a greeting by the Ambassador followed by a presentation of Slovenia and the Slovenian culture, geography, and tourism. Afterwards you will enjoy a musical performance by a live visiting jazz band, music composed by a famous visiting Slovenian performer.


1) LIVE MUSICAL PERFORMANCE FROM SLOVENIAN PERFORMERS – Makrotonal: from Baroque to Slovenian Folk

In town for one night only, we will be treated to a special performance by Slovenian musican MAK GIGIC.

Touted as a “gifted artist” by the New York Times and the Washington Post, Mak is a star on the world wide stage. An expansive and adventerous repertoire attests to his versatility and wide-rnging interests. From the ethnic music of his native Slovenia to extreme avant-garde and microtonal music, his talen is fueled by curioisty, imagination and boundless energy.


Hear from the Ambassador and meet other leading Slovenian diplomats, who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Enjoy wine native Slovenian wine – some of which is not readily available in the U.S.. Light snacks and hors d’oeuvres will be servied.


Experience the art of Slovenia currently on display at the Embassy.


Enjoy a special film highlighting the scenery, culture and people of Slovenia.

To Register:
1) RSVP; then
2) Pay via https://thingstododc.com/event/sloveniaembassyjan2020/