Evening at the Embassy of Bahrain


If you have ever passed the outside of this embassy, you would be amazed by its architecture. It is as if you are passing by an ancient palace. Well, tonight… you are invited to experience the life behind this walls and its native country!

We have remarkable privilege of transporting you around the world to an ancient land filled with wonder and excitement - all in a single evening. Step onto foreign soil and join us for an exclusive visit to the Embassy of Bahrain. You will be amazed at the fantastic architecture and elegance of the embassy. Tonight, you will experience a world like never before as we embrace cuisine, film, art, music and especially the diplomats gathered this special evening.


1) BAHRAIN DINNER: Enjoy a specially prepared buffet of Bahrain food.

2) REFRESHMENTS: Juices and non alcoholic soft drinks will be included,

3) HENNA ARTIST: Experience Bahrain Henna artists who will be on hand to perform personal art and transcriptions for you.

4) BAHRAIN ART: Throughout the Embassy, you will witness some of the special paintings, artifacts, regional displays and more artistic work originating from Bahrain.

5) DIPLOMATIC GREETING: Meet the Ambassador and some of the diplomats from Bahrain, including a special diplomatic greeting!

6) FILM: Enjoy a short film on the land and people of Bahrain.