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Robert Wagner with "Ember Performance Workshop Abridged", + ⚡️talks
Robert Wagner will join us from Washington DC to talk about a key concern for all modern web apps: performance. He will cover how to cut down on initial load time, by pruning your bundle with broccoli-concat-analyzer, visualizing and fixing performance bottlenecks with ember-perf-timeline, and speeding up pages with large data sets using occlusion rendering with vertical-collection. This will be an abridged, and updated version of some of the content from the Robert's Performance Workshop from EmberConf. Robert has been in love with Ember since 2012, and will tell anyone and everyone about it. He runs Ship Shape ( / @shipshapecode), where he provides Ember consulting and mentoring services to clients, helping them level up their apps and their Ember skills. He loves free swag, tacos, his French Bulldog Odie, and maintaining Ember addons. ## Lightning Talks - Ken Sin (@nisnek) with “Big Ember App, Big Team, Big Success?” - Larry Hannay with “Small Ember App, Small Team, Big Success?” We are seeking two more lightning talks for this meetup. Please contact luke __at__ if you would like to present.

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Ember NYC started in 2012 when Luke Melia drove Yehuda Katz from Philadelphia to New York to speak about a brand new framework called Ember when it was pre-beta. Since then it's been one of the longest running and most popular Ember.js meetups, and one of the first to be filmed and live-streamed. Ember.js NYC frequently features Ember Core Team members and other members of the community from New York and all over the world who come to speak about fascinating and exciting things they are doing with the framework.

Come join us to hear the latest news and meet the many friendly and helpful members of the New York Ember Community.

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