Ray Cohen on "Ember.js Views and View Helpers"

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A big part of Ember's appeal is the declarative handlebars templates. You set up your DOM once, with the assistance of "helpers" such as {{view}}, {{action}} and {{bindAttr}}. After that, you interact with Ember.View models and Ember keeps the DOM up to date for you.

In this talk we'll dig deeper into the relationship between a {{view}} in your template and the Ember.View object behind it. We'll cover:

How the various helpers work Variable scoping inside the templates How and why you might create your own helpers The controller property of an Ember.View instance The lifecycle capabilities of an Ember.View instance The content will be geared towards an audience of developers. Familiarity with Ember.js or Sproutcore is helpful.

Ray Cohen has written his share of spaghetti jQuery code welcomes the sanity that Ember bestows on front end development. He's working at Boxee where he enjoys crushing his opponents at the ping pong table, avoiding dairy, spirited discussions, and working with Ember and Rails. His Facebook photos are no longer visible to friends of friends courtesy of last month's presenter Joe West.


Update: Two lightning talks have been added to the program:

Erik Bryn will demo Square's freshly launched Ember app (10 min) Yehuda Katz will cover the newly added routing features and update us on the ember-rails project (20 min)