• Come to CityCoHo tonight - What is User Experience

    What is User Experience - A discussion with the Philly Frontend / UX Meetup about user experience design with all examples in Ember.js We are on the first floor next to the parking garage entrance. 5$ parking Brendan

  • Ember.js Mentor Session


    We will walk through an Ember.JS project and work through it so everyone can get a chance to understand the Ember eco-system. I will be available to answer any questions the basics of Ember.js and anything else you will need to get the most out of it. I will pair people off into groups or you can work on your own. I will divide my time between everyone trying to get everyone working with a new project or provide help on an existing project you have. Brendan Connect with the group: • #emberjsphilly on Philly Dev Slack (https://phillydev.slack.com/messages/emberjsphilly/) (sign up on phillydev.org (https://phillydev.org/)) • @emberjsphilly (https://twitter.com/emberjsphilly)

  • Intro to Ember.js, a 3 hour workshop with Brendan O'Hara

    Intro to Ember.js, a 3 hour workshop with Brendan O'Hara We will walk through the current state of the Web and how Frontend frameworks have helped make life better for developers. Then we will introduce you to the basics of Ember.js, explore the Ember. ecosystem and the strategies you will need to get the most out of it. • Innovation & Strategy in Frontend Development (TALK) • WORKSHOP - Your first Ember.js App - Introduction to Ember - Introduction to Ember-CLI - Introduction to Ember-Data - Introduction to Ember Add-ons Bring your laptops if you want to code along.

  • EmberConf Special Recap Event


    Agenda 6:30 - 7:00 Doors open, food, drinks and socializing 7:00 - 7:10 Welcome & Announcements Talks 7:10 - 8:10 Special Global Ember Meetup EmberConf Recap 8:10-8:30 Networking Presentations Topic 1: EmberConf Recap Tune in to for a special recap from all the speakers from EmberConf and hear from the 30 folks who were selected. We are starting off our meetup with a joint event with Ember NYC, Ember Toronto, Ember Raleigh, Ember Guatemala! We will all be logging in and have a special Global Ember Meetup speaker live broadcasted to give us a recap of EmberConf!

  • Co-Meetup with Raleigh Ember!


    Sorry for the limited notice but we just got invited to join the Raleigh, NC group remotely and thought we'd give it a trial run. We're going to do this again on April 4th with Raleigh and three additional groups! Agenda 6:30 - 6:50 Doors open, food, drinks and socializing 6:50 - 7:00 Welcome & Announcements 7:00 - 7:20 RSVP and I Promise You'll Learn Something 7:20 - 7:50 Do You Know The Way to Add-On with Tracy Lee 7:50 - 8:10 Leveling Up Your Forms with Todd Jordan 8:10 - ? Networking/Beers at TBD Details Topic 1: RSVP and I Promise you'll learn something Description: 1. Very brief introduction to why promises vs callbacks 2. How to create a promise 3. Chaining promises 4. Error handling 5. Ember.RSVP.{hash, all, allSettled, hashSettled, resolve, reject, defer} 6. Promises in model hooks (beforeModel, model, afterModel) About Dennis Dennis Qian is a software engineer currently part of the UI Engineering team at Zenefits in San Francisco. Outside of building components and features in Ember, Dennis also provides support and education on Javascript and UI/UX best practices. Topic 2: Do You Know The Way to Add-On Description: Explore the experience of first creating an add-on with a pair, refactoring code, and the journey of creating an add-on from scratch. About Tracy: Tracy's passion for JavaScript began with the love of a Tomster, the emberJS mascot. She loves the ember framework, the concept of convention over configuration, and the easy to use ember-cli. Tracy loves pairing with awesome people and making ember add-ons. GitHub: https://github.com/ladyleet Twitter: https://twitter.com/ladyleet Topic 3: Leveling Up Your Forms Description: We'll get into how to handle large scale and dynamic form content in ember. I'll walk through some experiences with apps that have complex form requirements and how these challenges were overcome. We'll also look at how the ember-cli-dynamic-forms addon aims to address these challenges and make complex form development easier. About Todd: Todd has been a web application developer in the Triangle area since 1998 shipping large scale enterprise software. He has recently developed a passion for open source software and Ember JS, and currently having a blast at Interactive Intelligence developing cloud-based collaboration software and contributing to the Ember ecosystem. GitHub: https://github.com/toddjordan Twitter: https://twitter.com/tddjordan

  • LibertyJS - Your friendly Philly JavaScript conference

    Needs a location

    More details and registration at http://libertyjs.com . It looks like we’re going to have a great Ember workshop in the morning! Please join us for the workshop and other talks. Also, please consider proposing some supporting talks in the afternoon (you have until Friday, May 29th to submit). It's going to be a great day!

  • Off-the-Shelf Productivity with Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz + real-time w/ Firebase

    Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel

    Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz (http://www.tilde.io/about-us/), leaders of the Ember core team, are in town for the Philly Emerging Tech Conference and will join us for a special meetup in conjunction with the PhillyJSDev Meetup group. Brendan O'Hara (@BrendanOHara) will start the evening off by walking us through the how and why of building a real-time app without a dedicated server using Ember.js, Firebase, Firebase Hosting and Filepicker.io using Torii & Torii-Fire for Social Logins. Plus a primer on Innovation in the Ember stack. We hope to see you there!

  • Deploying your Rails API backed EmberCLI App


    Sean Doyle of Thoughtbot will give a talk about all the possible ways to deploy your EmberCLI application alongside your Rails API. This will certainly provide insights for using other backend API solutions as well. There'll be opportunities for lightning talks as well - please let us know if you're interested in giving one. Pizza provided, and we'll grab beers afterward as usual.

  • Getting Started With Ember CLI - Bring Your Laptop! New Setup details!!

    This is a great chance to get started with Ember/Ember CLI! We'll walk everyone through setting up a new project with Ember CLI and establishing some basic structure for your app. Help will be available for all levels of development. We'll also take a little time for a lightning talk or two, plus some discussion about the exciting new Ember FastBoot: http://emberjs.com/blog/2014/12/22/inside-fastboot-the-road-to-server-side-rendering.html We hope to see you! Below are instructions to get you laptop ready for Ember-cli. Node (http://www.ember-cli.com/#node) First, install the latest stable version of Node (version 0.10.x). To do so, either follow the installation instructions on nodejs.org (http://nodejs.org/), or use your preferred package manager (such as Homebrew on OS X) if you have one. After installing Node, verify that Node is set up correctly by typing the following commands on the command line. Both should output help messages: node --help npm --help Ember CLI (http://www.ember-cli.com/#ember-cli) Once you’ve installed Node, you’ll need to install the Ember CLI globally with: npm install -g ember-cli This will give you access to the ember command-line runner. Bower (http://www.ember-cli.com/#bower) You’ll need to install Bower (http://bower.io/), a package manager that keeps your front-end dependencies (including JQuery, Ember, and QUnit) up to date. This is as easy as running: npm install -g bower This will give you access to the bower command-line runner. PhantomJS (http://www.ember-cli.com/#phantomjs) By default, your integration tests will run on PhantomJS (http://phantomjs.org/). You can install via npm (https://www.npmjs.org/): npm install -g phantomjs

  • Embracing Ember Conventions

    Benjamin's Desk

    In addition to some lightning talks, Chris Ball will discuss some "free" Ember magic - Loading and Error Substates: Ember is built around conventions. Conventions are great for developers because they can leverage framework decisions to help eliminate a lot of boilerplate or repetitive code. Loading and Error Substates can and should be used in your Ember applications to provide user feedback for these common states. We’ll look at examples of nested templates and built-in event hooks. Leveraging tools in Chrome, we’ll simulate using an app on a slow connection to see how important and easy this type feedback is.