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First Meetup - Ember In Three Acts

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Please come join us for the first Ember Twin Cities Meetup. The goal of this meetup is to learn about the rapidly evolving Ember Javascript framework for building ambitious web applications.

At this first meeting Ray Tiley (unless someone else volunteers) will give an introduction to Ember, going over its primitives and how they work together to provide a foundation for building large maintainable applications.

We will also discuss how often the group should meet and the general format of meetings. If your already using Ember feel free to give a lightning talk.

Tentative Schedule:

6:30 - 7:00 Beer / Pizza Socializing

7:00 - 7:30 Lightning Talks / Group Planning

7:30 - Intro to Ember

*** UPDATE ***

After working on my talk a bit of changed focus a little bit. There are so many awesome resources online for learning ember that I thought going through the basics might be a bit repetitive. So I've updated my talk to "Ember In Three Acts"

ACT I - Why We Chose Ember.

ACT II - What Is Coming in Ember

ACT III - Where to learn more and How to get involved.