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Embodied Learning / improvisation / martial art & movement art / negotiating challenging interpersonal encounters / leadership development / self-regulation / self-awareness / maturity / somatics / kinesthetic learning / building resilience.

Prepare to think, move and sense, as we explore a treasure trove of embodied learning activities that cultivate resilience, adaptability and suppleness in our encounters with other people.

A supple stance, both mentally and physically, allows us to move and adapt to the changing environment.

Can you recall an interpersonal encounter when you felt resistance arise in yourself or the person you were engaged with? The psychological response of resistance finds expression in the body as well. Common responses include a tightening of the jaw, stiffening in the torso or a shallow breathing pattern. These physical responses render us more rigid and prone to disruption of balance.

Let's make the conceptual physical and explore the nuances of communication and leadership in a safe laboratory of embodied resilience practice. When we imbue the activities with intention and awareness and the relevancy to our workplace encounters springs to life.

Initial meet ups will be led by me, Suzane Van Amburgh. As participation grows, I hope to invite others to lead, facilitate or present.
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Suzane Van Amburgh crafts embodied learning programs that give people a sensory experience of conceptual ideas. Founder of Space To Move consultancy and Chief Instructor of Aikido Multnomah Aikikai, Van Amburgh has actively practiced the connection between martial arts, somatics and organizational effectiveness for the past ten years. A 40 year practitioner of the non-competitive martial art of aikido, Suzane has learned to make good use of the ground and practice embodied resilience. As a certified aikido teacher (shidoin, 6th degree black belt) and somatic practitioner, Suzane has a gift for coaching people to recognize what they do and introduce small changes to improve effectiveness. Combined with her 20 years experience organizing groups of people to collaborate on projects, Van Amburgh brings a unique expertise to the challenges of change, leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Learn more at SpaceToMove.com   and   PracticeAikido.com

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