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Marién Grace: Embodied Geometry, hosted by Petaluma IONS Community Group
Thursday, October 18, 2018 Doors Open 6:45pm, Program 7:15 to 9:00 $20 at the door The Hall at St. John’s, 530 “C” Street at Sixth, Petaluma Codes are found in how geometry is integrally embedded in creation, including in our more nebulous areas of life, like emotions and relationships. Relationships follow geometrical laws, as do dynamics of Love and Fear. Understanding the orderly nature of the fractal harmonics that pervade reality guides us in maintaining balance in a world of multitudinous influences and pressures. Our biggest evolutionary edge lies in encouraging respectful and health producing interaction with every aspect of life. This is especially important while we face the vast unknowns that are opening up to us now. This evening, Marién Grace takes you through the simplicities of geometric code, stimulating an embodied and direct understanding for supporting your ability to find balance and grace in what we may perceive as a chaotic world. In opening up to this knowledge secrets of the Universe are exposed and ignited! Peak into the understanding of becoming a new human in the new story of the Cosmos. Marién Grace is a forever student of the great universal knowledge. Since early in her youth, she has been fascinated by the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual information encoded in how reality manifests. Her works as an art major explored code in gesture, language and spiral dynamics. She has studied esoteric cutting edge physics and mathematics with Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Academy. As well she has been enthusiastically influenced by the spiritual knowledge brought through Near Death Experiencers and medicine shamans. Marién has directed the Bay Area Crop Circle Study Group since 2009. She periodically teaches Embodied Sacred Geometry and Alchemy of the Apocalypse. Find more information on her website ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colette McMullen is the IONS Petaluma/Sebastopol Community Group Leader, and Co-Creator of Global Lightways. Her passion is bringing together conscious community to manifest the desired New Earth we all came here to create at this time. Colette has a Divine Guidance practice where she is a channel of The Council Of Golden Light to provide insight and direction responding to your life challenging questions. [masked] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Petaluma / Sebastopol IONS Community Group serves members and friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, a nonprofit organization dedicated to research and education on consciousness, human potential, and personal and social transformation. Petaluma / Sebastopol IONS Community Group is wholly independent of the Institute and is legally and financially responsible for its own activities. To find out more about IONS visit:

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    We know there is a pulse, a harmony, and a power living in connection with all that is. This knowledge is written into sacred geometry, and seen in many of the crop circles.

    Embodied Sacred Geometry (ESG) brings dynamic activation of this harmony into our very existence. ESG re-activates our holographic minds to empower alignment with all that is, awakening new levels of consciousness and amplifying our prayers to soar powerfully into the vastness.

    Marién Grace presents principles of Sacred Geometry that go beyond mere curiosities for the intellect. Through dynamic engagement with our lives, our bodies, and our hearts we understand our Selves as configurations of Source exploring in the fractal density of this plane of reality.

    Embodied Sacred Geometry helps bring spaciousness to all our relations. It helps you gain perspective with any problem. It supports your desire for understanding. It amplifies your meditations and brings power to your prayers. It resonates your tissues for more health. It is wholly aligned with Love. What more could you want? Be ready to expand in the harmonic space of conscious resonance!

    Financial exchange policy: If you feel you receive value, give what works for you! RSVPs always appreciated.

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