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Full Moon Chanting & Healing Ritual
Join us for one of our favorite gatherings; a time to honor the moon and access the magic inside you. Throughout the course of the evening you will learn a healing mantra and experience the power of your own voice as we chant together. We will create a ritual healing space together; a sacred circle where you will have the opportunity to receive the benefits of sound, mantra and the collective intention of the group by lying in the center and being chanted to. This is much more than a vocal meditation, this is a healing ritual that we create together and we are excited to be in the space of creation with you once again. Bring your friends and join us for a night you will never forget! 6:30pm Tea and Introductions 7:00pm - 9:30pm Vocal Meditation, Chanting & Healing Ritual Suggested Donation $10 Please feel free to forward this invite and to bring friends ♥

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What we're about

Are you ready to make more money working with the most amazing clients? Do you want more clients that are perfect for the services you offer? How would you like to connect with people immediately when you are out networking or on the phone with a potential client?

All of this is possible and much, much more...

All of these things have a common thread underlying them: Your voice. When you are speaking to a potential business partner or affiliate, with a potential client, or speaking on stage, it is important that you are able to be felt you when you speak. This will allow the two of you to connect on a deeper level with your audience and they will remember you when you reconnect.

The first step in speaking from this place is learning to use your voice in a different way; and that is what we do in this group. Explore using your voice in a way that you never have before so you can rock your next sales conversation, your next presentation and stand out at your next networking event. We will teach you how to be seen, heard and felt for who you are in every moment, especially when you are sharing your expertise with your ideal audiences.

If you want to attract more clients and make more money, or if you are ready to take your speaking career to a whole new level, this is the place for you. Welcome.

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