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"EmbodyDance holds sacred space for personal practice, process and transformation through dance as moving meditation and connection with Self, Community, and Source."

Every Thursday from 6:30–8:30pm at the Railyard Performance Center in the heart of Santa Fe, EmbodyDance (TM) has held open an invitation to drop into profound, intentional connection with Self, community, the world, and with Source. Come dance your prayers, sweat your becoming, move in freedom to a musical wave or journey, sometimes in the spirit of "five rhythms" (5Rhythms®, with which we are not formally associated), but always new and now. Attendance averages about 60 conscious ecstatic dancers.

And if all this spiritual connection and presence stuff isn't for you, then just come and get your freaky groove on. Namaste, for real.

We circle briefly, then (usually, as some Facilitators may play straight through) warm-up music starts at 6:30. At 7:00 begins our full 1:15 hour set: slow, unwinding beats, rising to heartbeat, then faster rhythms to a letting go of tribal proportions, and then back down through playful into soft and soothing (often times partner dancing for those who choose) and into meditative, complete melting. Each wave-set is unique, facilitated by an experienced Facilitator who may suggest a theme or state an intention, though there is no instruction or direction but the Muses once the music begins. We circle again at the end for share-back – a chance to speak and be witnessed, share names, and close.

EmbodyDance is a registered non-profit and we operate on donations: a $12 to $15 donation is what it takes to keep us sustainable (8-punch passes are also available for a minimum of $88). No one is turned away if what they can afford is less than our requested, and we know everyone can afford to contribute something or become a regular volunteer.

Work-exchanges are available for the volunteer positions of (https://embodydancesantafe.org/volunteers/): Greeter (job entails managing the sign-in and donation table); Set-Up (requires being able to lift the 50lb speakers and some technical learning); and Altar (entails a creative offering, arranging your objects or ours on the altar table). See our website, embodydancesantafe.org (http://embodydancesantafe.org/), to sign up (https://embodydancesantafe.org/volunteers/).

Community Agreements: Soft feet (no street shoes but dance slippers OK, and also no socks - for safety reasons); vocal but non-verbal space; fragrance free, drug- and alcohol-free; respecting our own boundaries and those of others; maintaining control and safety; offering our full Selves to this evolving co-creation.

We will also be holding Special Event dances, mostly on Saturday nights, which will be announced at circle and by email to all members here. And in addition to our core Facilitator crew (4+ on the roster), we invite special guests to keep it fresh.

If you're new to our community and/or would like to have input on any question, concern or creative improvement, we welcome you to get involved: volunteer via the website for one of the open positions; submit feedback; or attend a Community Council meeting (agendas and minutes posted on website (https://embodydancesantafe.org/meeting-and-minutes/)).

EmbodyDance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. "EmbodyDance" is a trademark of EmbodyDance, Inc.

Please see our website for full details of our practice, community, history, and much more: embodydancesantafe.org/

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Railyard Performance Center

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Railyard Performance Center

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