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Anyone interested in opportunities for better health, wellness, personal growth, expanding horizons, spiritual connection, camaraderie and economically with like minded, non-judgemnental, fun, supportive people in Rimrock, the Verde Valley and all surrounding communities.

Dr. Christine Dargon, Owner and Director of Emerald Waves, created the healing center in order to offer the communities of Rimrock, Camp Verde and all of the Verde Valley, health and wellness services at affordable prices. The philosophy is that improving one’s life and getting healthier should not be something only available to people without economic constraints. As a result, most groups/classes are $10. Service fees are set by each practitioner but most offer a sliding scale. Do not hesitate to contact us or stop by the center. Christine’s goal is to create a relaxing place and great resource for the community. Emerald Waves is welcoming to all and we offer a safe place to learn about the services, try yoga for the first time and expand your horizons comfortably with no intimidation or stress invoking prices. We look forward to meeting with you. Consultations available.

We are also a full retail store with many locally made products such as candles, bath products, goat soap, jewelry, art work and more. We also carry clothes, crystals, candles, tarot cards, crystal water bottles, jewelry, tumbled and raw stones, sage, incense, herbs, CBD products, cosmetics, Real Time Pain Relief products, Nature's Sunshine Products, Young Living Essential Oils and products, yoga socks, books, tinctures, affirmation sprays and kits and so much more.

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Yoga Trapeze/Aerial

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There’s a new yoga class in town, and it’s ready for you to try right here at EmeraldWaves! A prop-based inversion yoga class that’s the best of both worlds: It’s therapeutic because it can help minimize stubborn back pain, but it’s also a lot of fun because, well, who doesn’t wanna feel like they’re flying through the air? (But don’t worry, the Yoga Trapeze isn’t aerial yoga. It’s not set up that high off the ground — so if you’re afraid of heights, no need to fret about that.)

Students tend to like Yoga Trapeze for the spinal traction and passive backbends. In short, the Yoga Trapeze provides an alternative approach to the typical yoga practice that makes all sorts of poses accessible to students who may be more limited on the mat. Besides those benefits, Yoga Trapeze incorporates functional pulling and grip strength motions that perfectly complement a mat-based yoga practice to create a full-body fitness routine. You’ll also improve flexibility, as well as core, upper body, and posterior chain strength.

$15 for drop in or purchase a 10 class pass for $65 and class is one and a half punches.

Self Breema: exercises for harmonious life.

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Self-Breema is a unifying, harmonizing method. Harmony between our mind, feelings, and body is the key to a healthy life. The energy that becomes available to us when the mind, feelings, and body work in harmony can cleanse, balance, and energize every cell in the body.


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A yoga class personalized to those in attendance and good for all levels. Space is limited with social distancing and masks encouraged. Drop in $10 or buy a 10 class pass for $65

Spin/cycle class

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Great cycle class for all levels.

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Yoga Trapeze/Aerial

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