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**Due to the current situation with COVID-19, all parties will be conducted online via the Zoom app.**

Whether it was you or someone you know, most of us have experienced the pain and sadness of throwing a party that no one attended. This can be especially heartbreaking for children. So many factors can affect the success of a party, and more often than not, neither you nor your child is at fault. Even lovely children are often overlooked by their peers. A child may be shy or introverted, have physical or learning differences, not have found their clique yet, or recently moved to the area. And isn't it a stroke of bad luck when another kid's party happens to fall on the same day?

If you experience any of these problems when throwing your party or are willing to help someone who is having them, please join our group! Be on-call to grab your kids and dash off to a local party! Your kids will have fun, they'll get to socialize, and you and your kids may both end up making new friends. THIS GROUP IS GREAT FOR ADULT PARTIES, TOO!

If you are requesting attendees for your party, you are the host of the event and must act accordingly. All hosts and attendees must be a member of this group.

NOTE: Safety First! Stay with your children when attending an event. You are responsible for the safety of your own children. We do not have the ability to accurately screen members, so please be vigilant.

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