What we're about

This group is part preparing yourself for crisis and part having fun doing badass adventurous things.

In preparing for disasters we are looking to develop the right skills and preparations in case of things like crazy hurricanes, loss of electricity, earthquakes, or whatever it is that you think could lead to disaster. We are not a political group, but are looking to work together to keep each other safe as well as our family and friends. We will be developing ways to keep in touch and work together to get through any sort of crisis...

In preparing ourselves for possible disasters let's not forget to live for today! The other focus of this group is to have fun learning and practicing skills, going on any sort of adventure that we want to organize, and embracing any and all things "badass". We will be looking to organize a whole lot of cool things like Airsoft, Paintball, trips to the gun range, races like the Tough Mudder, camping and all things survival and badass.

Anyone is welcome to join, taking part in any group events is completely voluntary.

“Audaces fortuna iuvat (Fortune favors the bold).”

- Virgil

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Tough Mudder
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You've all heard of it. Let's make a team, barrel through it, and enjoy a nice beer after!

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Sometimes travelling by land isn't the best way to travel. Let's learn some other options.

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LIPN Family BBQ & Jamboree

Belmont Lake State Park

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