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Monthly Common Meal and Eucharist Gathering, "Prophet" Theme ("We are Inspired")

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Church of the Pilgrims--"Community/Fireplace Room"

2201 P St. (corner of 22nd & P St) · Washington, DC

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we'll be in the living room which is accessible through the back door off the parking lot, and the smaller front doors to the church office

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Are you the type of person who hates seeing injustice in the world? Do you take a stand even when it's unpopular (or you want to)? If so, join us for our Monthly Common Meal and Eucharist Gathering as we explore & define the Prophetic tradition/Prophetic Imagination in the Bible and current events. This gathering will allow us to talk about our experiences in, and reactions to, Michael Hardin's talk on MLK and the 50th Anniversary March on Washington. One of the questions we touched on with the Michael Hardin talk (and we'll continue to unpack) is the question of whether it's ok to be angry about injustice. If you have any other key questions, poems, songs, hymns, or stories you would like to share, please bring them along or mention them in your RSVP line.

More about the "prophet:" The role of the prophet is one of the most interesting, and unappreciated, themes in the Bible and contemporary faith. Many say some of the Jesus' actions (including overturning the money-changers tables in the Temple) echoed the prophetic tradition. And in our own generation, Martin Luther King not only quoted justice teachings of the prophets, but saw his life playing out like an Old Testament prophet (the "rejected prophet" who follows God's lead even to the point of death, for example) as he faced the possibility of assassination in 1968. In art, the story of Elijah is a favorite icon in the Eastern tradition (see the ancient icon on right of Elijah in exile in the desert with only a bird to feed him), and many artists (both Christian and secular) have seen themselves as rejected prophets too (see Van Gogh's painting of himself as Jesus on the cross below). What do all these examples of the prophet and the "prophet's psychology" have to do with us today? Well, join us as we try and find out!

Previous Monthly Gatherings: At our last monthly Common Meal and Eucharist Gatherings we looked at some basic concepts in Christian theology through art, scripture, and experience. We have been using famed spiritual writer Henri Nouwen's method of dividing up the Bible into basic themes that highlight a different aspect of the faith experience. In one of his books, he summarizes the Bible in three themes: 1) God-for-us (Moses and the Exodus); 2) God-with-us (Jesus and the Gospels), and 3) God-Within-us (Pentecost and the Holy Spirit).

We will do much of the same thing this time as we look at the theme of "We-Are-Inspired! -and-we-Inspire-Others!," drawing from different theological and artist perspectives on the Prophetic Imagination.

About our new Monthly Common Meal and Eucharist Gathering: Our monthly Common Meal and Eucharist Gathering is a part of our attempt to put emerging ideas into practice as a Christian community, not just talk about interesting ideas at an abstract level with no practical component or real-life significance (as many have complained about). Stay-tuned as we keep working on a community service/justice group also!

Schedule: For those who want to participate in the common meal, we'll start that at 7PM. For those who just want to come to the gathering, we'll start the singing at 7:30PM. If you are late, you can still pick up some dinner in kitchen and join us in the discussion. We are very casual about that sort of thing.

Participation: People are always free to just come and enjoy the spontaneous conversation and singing, but it you want to contribute something we want you to know that you are free to share anything on the theme. If you have any suggestions about poems, prayers from the Book of Common Prayer and other prayer books, scriptures, paintings, stories, songs, etc. let me know.

Music: As usual, our house musicians will help us pick out appropriate hymns for our theme of the month and lead us with song.

Food and Donations: We'll have some kind of combination with chicken and salad to keep it simple. If you can bring something to spice up the salad offerings, please put that in your RSVP line. If you can help with the expense of the evening (food, copies, etc.), we'll have a cup near the food to help us cover our basic expenses.

Location: Going forward, we're hoping to have our gathering in the "community/fireplace room" space of the Church of the Pilgrims.

Directions from Metro: Church of the Pilgrims is about 2 blocks west of the Q Street Exit (that's the north one) of the Dupont Circle Metro Station. Once you hit 22nd street, go south a block to the sanctuary entrance at P St and 22nd.

About Parking: Church of the Pilgrims has a parking lot entrance on 22nd Street twenty feet away from the corner of Q St. and 22nd St (where the big "Church of the Pilgrims" sign sits). The parking lot is surrounded by bushes so it's not always easy the entrance at first. The sign to the church is on that Q & 22nd St corner (so the parking lot is going to be behind that sign but you have to find the entrance first!). There's about 20 parking spots. Unfortunately if you try and check this out on google maps it's not clear where exactly the parking lot is, so drive slowly. It's there, hang in there!